Easy Sewing Project – Pajama Bottoms

This title is a little misleading.  Pajama bottoms are easy – for most people.  For me?  Not quite.  When I decided to take up sewing I knew I had to start with easy projects.  Since I put on PJ bottoms or yoga pants every night to sit around and watch TV,  they would be put to good use.  And, I could make some for Matt.  It’s about the only thing I would sew for Matt that he would actually wear.

So I went to Joann and bought fabric from the remnant section for each of us, knowing these could potentially be a disaster.  I bought a super easy Learn to Sew pattern.  It had one pattern piece.  How hard could that be?  

Pajama Try #1 – total failure.  Sadly when we took our measurements, according to the pattern chart, Matt and I would wear the same size albeit in different lengths.  That was depressing.  I decided to cut his first figuring I can do my shorter version second.  Learned the hard way that I need to pay more attention to cutting.  I missed the notches and sewed each leg together at the wrong angle.  Because of this the legs wouldn’t fit together properly.  Ended in scrap pile.

Pajama Try #2 – mixed result.  Since the only other fabric I had remaining was a floral pattern, I made up my pair.  I followed the instructions and sizing to the letter.  They worked out fine until I tried them on.  They were about 6 inches too long and so huge in the waist, they would be good maternity PJ’s!  I chopped off a ton on the bottom at that stage so they were very stumpy.  Ideally, I would have figured out what length I needed and adjusted the pattern before cutting but I didn’t have the patience for that.  I look funny, but wear them anyway.  And, I’m not ashamed to admit I was relieved they were much too big.


Pajama Try #3 Finally Matt would get some PJ’s!  I bought some nice gray and cream fabric and set out to make them.  When I went to cut, I found they were too short for the large.  Since the others were so absolutely huge, I thought, “I’ll just make the smaller size – you can barely tell the difference”.  Construction went smoothly and quickly now that it was my third time.  When Matt put them on and they barely stretched across his hips, I questioned my sizing decision.  But, I got a pair that fit me.  Sorry, Matt!


Pajama #4 – Success!  I bought some soft plaid flannel and since I cut up the last pattern, bought a new one.  This pattern had two whole pattern pieces – 100% more difficult!  I should have but didn’t worry about trying to match the plaids.  It was hard enough to keep the four pieces and right and wrong sides straight.  When I bought the fabric, I didn’t notice that it was the same on both sides which made it a little more difficult.  But with some extra marks and pins, all worked out well.  Matt finally has some PJ’s. 

And I can FINALLY move on to something different!


I learned a lot though:

  • More cutting pattern practice
  • More familiarity with the machine
  • Hemming
  • Inserting elastic
  • Paying attention to finished garment measurements and compare to similar article of clothing I already own.  Learned that after the fact…

Definitely done with pajamas for awhile. 

Next up: a tote bag!


About girlguydogcat

Living in the midwest, wife to a fantastic husband, mom/servant to two cats and a dog.

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  1. Impressed Matt has them on…look good!

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