Something to Carry All My Stuff…

Since I’ve been bitten by the sewing bug, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time on the internet reading tutorials, finding blogs, looking at fabrics, etc…  I know you can find anything on the internet but I’ve been (pleasantly) shocked by what’s available for sewing.  I’ve found so many talented people in just a couple weeks.  My blog list is getting longer everyday and I know I’ve just scratched the surface.  It is incredibly helpful to be able to Google any topic or question.  It doesn’t surprise me that sewing has seen a huge resurgence.  I know I’m not nearly as intimidated as I was with all these resources at my fingertips.  Plus, all these blogs serve to inspire too.  There are many people out there just like me that didn’t grow up sewing and are now creating amazing things.

Along with the blogs, there are a number of books that cater to the beginner and advanced beginner sewist (I still think that’s a weird term but that’s what the folks in the know use…).  One that I picked up is Sewing in a Straight Line by Brett Bara.  Brett has a great blog of her own, Manhattan Craft Room, and does a series for the popular design blog, DesignSponge.  Both are worth checking out.


All of the projects in the book are adorable.  The first project I tried was The City Girl Tote.


It looked easy enough with basic shapes, no complicated stitching, pleats or gathers.  It was simple. 

Not too many pieces:


The finished result is cute.  I won’t use it as a purse-type tote but I can use it for the grocery or other errands.  (sorry for the weird pictures – the bag had to hang since it’s so soft.)


There are a couple things I would change:

  • If I make it again, I will buy stiffer interfacing and/or thicker fabric.  I used home décor fabric but that wasn’t thick enough.  The tote is too floppy.  I was expecting the sides to hold their shape more, like the picture in the book.  Here is the bag before the straps were attached. 


  • I left off the metallic trim on the straps.  That was only because I couldn’t find anything that looked remotely normal.  I should have thought ahead since the trim is used to finish the bottom of the strap.  If I make it again, I can easily remedy this by folding the end under and stitching. 
  • It also looks smaller than the picture (or that woman is teeny tiny).  I may make a bigger one.


Overall I like it and next time I think I’ll try a clutch or wristlet!


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