Fleece Dog Coat


You might ask why a Newfoundland, a dog that is bred to swim in frigid water and has long double-coated fur, needs a coat.  Well, she doesn’t really.  But I needed another project to practice on and hey, it could keep her dry on short walks.

I decided to make it double layer fleece (again, why? Sadie always tries to find the coolest spot in the house, not the warmest) to give me more practice and make it cuter.IMG_6949_edited-1


Walkin’ the catwalk.

It ended up taking forever to make only because  I got partly done and got bored of it.  Maybe because I knew she didn’t really need it.  I also had a couple weeks of travel that got in the way.


Fleece is easy to cut and doesn’t require edge finishing which is part of the reason I picked it.  What I didn’t anticipate was that there is no way to make the needed pattern marks on the fabric which came into play in positioning the velcro and belt.  Not a big deal; I just eyeballed it.

It would have been easy to construct had I chosen different fabric.  Because it was two layers of thick fleece, areas requiring top stitching and attaching the belt were tough.  Not in design, but with the actual sewing. My machine didn’t like it at all and I found myself pulling the fabric through from the back.  There were areas of the collar that didn’t even fit under my presser foot!  Parts of the collar and belt had eight to ten layers of fleece to topstitch because you sew over all the seam allowances.  IMG_6935_edited-1

I couldn’t even get parts of the collar through the machine.


Sadie sewed this part.

I learned I have NO idea what I’m doing when hand sewing.  I had to whipstitch the body of the coat closed after turning it right side out.  It looks ridiculous.  Luckily this is for a dog!  I should have taken the thread out and started over but the thread disappears into the fleece.  I just sewed over it again and made it worse.  I decided I wasn’t going to spend time correcting it – again, it’s for a dog.


All in all, it was a great project for practice.  And I think Sadie looks cute in anything anyway.



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Living in the midwest, wife to a fantastic husband, mom/servant to two cats and a dog.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a message. Your Sadie is BEAUTIFUL! I agree, those gorgeous brown eyes and jowl-y face will melt your heart every time. I’ll be looking forward to more photos of Sadie as well as seeing your sewing projects!

  2. Aww, so cute! I wish I had a puppy to sew for. Hubby says once we’re done cleaning up kiddo poop, we can get a dog and move on to cleaning up after it instead! Ha!

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