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Feline Friday–Come Here, Now Go Away

(the mood swings of Ollie over the course of 45 seconds)

Ahhh…  This is the life I’m meant to lead…


Well, hello. 


Heyyyy, Girrrlfriend!


I’m so cute.  Come rub my belly.





Wait!  Come back!



Goodbye. I’m done with you.



Sadie Saturday–Beauty Shop


Yesterday I went to my doggie day care.  Dad tried to tell me I was going to the salon but we ended up at the same old place.  It was ok though – I didn’t have to hang out with the other dogs yesterday! I am really shy and don’t play with the other dogs when at day care.  We get along fine but I just don’t join in their games.  It makes my mom and dad sad to drop me off because of that (what’s a wallflower?) but I’m ok with it. 


Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.


Sally, the nice lady that gives me my haircut, said I was so sweet and had a nice round head.  What?  That was a weird thing to say.  Doesn’t she realize my eyes are my best feature?  Or maybe my feathers.  Or maybe my fluffy tail.


Even though they are very nice there, I make sure to bark all day to tell them I don’t like being put in a “suite” (as they call it) with a fan to dry.  Mom says we need to work on our barking but I do it just fine.  I’ll keep practicing!

At least they gave me a cute Spring bandana this time instead of silly little bows they tried to give me one time.  That was embarrassing. I couldn’t even look at the camera.


Even though I got lots of attention, I was excited to get in the car and go home!

photo (6)_edited-1

Liverpool Tunic


I am so excited about the shirt I finished earlier this week!  A local sewing shop, Sew to Speak, offered a class teaching the Liverpool shirt/tunic.  I especially like that the pattern is by a local fabric and pattern designer, Amy Butler, who is based out of Granville.

Now, I’m not sure I would have had the patience or skill to get through this without the help of our great teacher, Sheila.  But, taking the class not only helped me learn it the right way the first time but was also a blast.  I liked it so much that I signed up for another class – this time an Amy Butler pattern for a skirt! 

Not that everything went smoothly 100% of the time.  Hardly. Other than maybe one of the side seams and the two sleeve seams, I think every part was re-done, at least partially, two or more times due to one mistake or another.  I put the collar in three times and finally our teacher had to make it look right – thank goodness she was there!  One of the sleeves was taken out and put in three times and I still see a little gather that bugs me.  I should just wear my seam ripper around my neck.  That has more to do with my inexperience than the directions or instruction.

It still amazes me that this:


can turn into this:


(forgive the cheesy high schooler camera in the bathroom mirror pose – I finished it Monday night, really wanted to wear it Tuesday, and had to catch a plane – so I snapped a picture on my way out)

What a learning experience though! Below are pictures of all the things I learned just on this project:

Collars! Sleeves!


Buttons! Buttonholes! Plackets! Edgestitching!


Darts (with edgestitching)!



(again with the bad picture – no time to set up the camera)

I love how the darts make it a flattering shape (it looks better when I have my arms down and normal). I ended up preferring the belt in front but it’s nice to have the flexibility of either way. 

I’m already thinking about the next one to make.  Next time I’ll probably try the shirt length.  Maybe in a lighter, more drapey fabric.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Sadie Saturday–Morning Send-Off

I have a little routine around here every morning.  When I’m not going to doggie day-care (yuck), I give Dad kisses before he leaves for work.  It’s the same routine everyday.  He bends down to say goodbye, wants a simple little lick on the cheek and I always out-maneuver him and get him good!


He has no idea what’s coming.



See? Not so bad.  Come on, one more..





HA! Got you!


Please. It’s not THAT bad.

You may go to work now.


Feline Friday

What’s mine is mine; what’s yours is mine, too.


Sadie Saturday–Cool Whip!

Yesterday Mom made a pie and let me have my first taste of Cool Whip.  Wow!  What a magical treat!  I couldn’t get enough of it.  Mom said I was a mess with it all over my ears and face.  Small price to pay for such creamy goodness.



That slippery container kept getting away so I had to carry it back within reach (and keep it away from Kirby).





Easy Thin Mint Pie


It’s Girl Scout cookie time!  I was a Girl Scout and have such fond memories of the meetings, campouts, and activities.   I remember my Dad taking my cookie order form to work and selling tons of boxes.  Those poor co-workers.  Knowing him, he wouldn’t leave them alone until they signed up for something! 

I was a Brownie then Girl Scout and continued through 6th grade (troop 1075!).   I know recently the Girl Scouts have caught flack from some groups at a national level.  I don’t know much about that but I do know my experience in the 70’s was great and if I had a daughter, I would encourage her to be a scout too.  We learned all kinds of useful skills (too bad I don’t remember them), did lots of crafts and spent time with our friends in a group that taught values like service, kindness and friendship.  Plus, as a girl growing up in the suburbs, I got to go camping.  And, I think that was the last time I did go camping!

I tried to find a picture of me in my girl scout uniform – I can picture it like it was yesterday – but all I could find was me in a Brownie sweatshirt.  Hello, Dorothy Hamill haircut!

me brownie sweatshirt edited-1

me brownie sweatshirt (1)_edited-1

Remember these uniforms?  I remember this catalog and always thought the turtleneck was soo cool but I always had the little white shirt.  The things you remember…73junior


Source for the above images

My sweet little next door neighbor was selling cookies and, as always, I bought too many.  For someone that works at home, that can be very dangerous.  A sleeve of cookies will be gone in a matter of minutes!

Anyway, on to the pie. This year I decided to try something new.  I Googled ‘Thin Mint Recipes’ and found many that looked delicious but the below was so easy I had to give it a shot. 

I have a problem with instant gratification and I figured I could buy cream cheese and cool whip and make it that day. No one will mistake me for a gourmet with this easy recipe but I sure would have loved it as a Girl Scout!

Click here for the recipe I used.

It required a handful of ingredients and only took about 10 minutes total to make.


One thing to note –

  • This recipe used almost 2 boxes of cookies.  If I make it again, I would increase the cookies and butter to make a larger crust.  As written, it barely covered my pie plate.

Excuse the messy pictures.  I made this over my lunch break and I’m no food stylist.

Easy steps:

Pulse the cookies until you get a fine crumb.


In bowl, add melted butter.  Mix well.  Press into pie plate (as mentioned above, next time I’ll use more cookies). Refrigerate while you make the filling.


Mix softened cream cheese and sugar in a bowl until fluffy (mine never got fluffy…).  Add cookies and fold in Cool Whip.


Spoon over crust and refrigerate for 2 hours.  YUM!