Liverpool Tunic


I am so excited about the shirt I finished earlier this week!  A local sewing shop, Sew to Speak, offered a class teaching the Liverpool shirt/tunic.  I especially like that the pattern is by a local fabric and pattern designer, Amy Butler, who is based out of Granville.

Now, I’m not sure I would have had the patience or skill to get through this without the help of our great teacher, Sheila.  But, taking the class not only helped me learn it the right way the first time but was also a blast.  I liked it so much that I signed up for another class – this time an Amy Butler pattern for a skirt! 

Not that everything went smoothly 100% of the time.  Hardly. Other than maybe one of the side seams and the two sleeve seams, I think every part was re-done, at least partially, two or more times due to one mistake or another.  I put the collar in three times and finally our teacher had to make it look right – thank goodness she was there!  One of the sleeves was taken out and put in three times and I still see a little gather that bugs me.  I should just wear my seam ripper around my neck.  That has more to do with my inexperience than the directions or instruction.

It still amazes me that this:


can turn into this:


(forgive the cheesy high schooler camera in the bathroom mirror pose – I finished it Monday night, really wanted to wear it Tuesday, and had to catch a plane – so I snapped a picture on my way out)

What a learning experience though! Below are pictures of all the things I learned just on this project:

Collars! Sleeves!


Buttons! Buttonholes! Plackets! Edgestitching!


Darts (with edgestitching)!



(again with the bad picture – no time to set up the camera)

I love how the darts make it a flattering shape (it looks better when I have my arms down and normal). I ended up preferring the belt in front but it’s nice to have the flexibility of either way. 

I’m already thinking about the next one to make.  Next time I’ll probably try the shirt length.  Maybe in a lighter, more drapey fabric.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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  1. I love sew to speak! An I love Sheila! She helped me make my wedding dress, when I took the personal fit class 🙂 it was so much fun!

    Your shirt turned out great! I want to make one! Congrats!

    • I would love to take a personal fit class. That’s one of my ultimate goals – adjusting patterns and ready to wear clothes. Someday… And hoping to take another class by Sheila – such fun!

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