Birthdays, Bacon, and Buckeyes


We had our family over on Saturday night to do a combo party – my nephew’s birthday and to watch the Buckeyes in the Final Four.  We did our food a little backwards.  First cake and ice cream and then on to the game food.

12 years old!  I can’t believe it!  I remember coming home from Connecticut where I lived at the time and seeing him as a teeny tiny baby.  That was just yesterday wasn’t it?


We had a couple hours to kill before the game started (come on, CBS,  9:00?) so we made all kinds of yummy snacks.  My brother made some delicious chicken nachos and I made Bacon Jalapeno Stuffed Mushrooms.

If you like cheese, jalapeno, and bacon you have to try them.  The Recipe can be found here.  They are easy to make and a big hit. 


Just combine melted butter and panko and set aside.


Cook the bacon until crisp. (yep, I still forget to take pictures of all the steps.)

Chop the mushroom stems, onion and jalapeno.


Cook the vegetables in the skillet until soft.

Combine cheddar and cream cheese.  Mix in bacon and vegetables.

Fill mushrooms and top with panko and bake.




Once our bellies were full, we tucked into the sofas and watched the (disappointing) game.



Some of us were smart and decided to skip the second half of the game…


I think we all wished we didn’t see it.


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