Skirt–Should It Stay Or Should It Go?

As I write this I am a little bummed out.  I just tried on the Barcelona skirt I’ve been making and it’s too big. 


A little background – I took a class at a local sewing shop to learn how to make this skirt.  The class was great and the teacher, Pat, was incredibly nice and helpful.  She taught me how to line up the pattern as best as possible and I think the tiers blend well.  The class was so valuable – I did my first invisible zipper and my first lining – yay! Plus she put up with my constant questions!

My first zipper!

invisible zip_edited-1

Ignore the little blue marks throughout – it’s water soluble pen that will wash out.

No idea why the top of the zipper is uneven but I don’t think anyone would notice when it’s on.

goofy zipper_edited-1

Nice soft lining…


I think one of my problems was my expectation of the skirt going in.  I wanted to make the tiered version and have a nice basic a-line skirt for summer. But it’s a more relaxed, flowy style than I would typically wear.

But the other issue is the sizing.  I knew it was going to be a little roomy after trying on the lining and we took in the lining and exterior several times.  I don’t really know what’s wrong – I followed the size according to the pattern and loose style aside, there’s no way it would have stayed up without adjustments and even now it is too big to be flattering or comfortable. I finally stopped taking it in because it was starting to look funky.  To avoid the lump on the side, I would need to take it in much farther down or the whole side seam. side_edited-1

I don’t need to ADD lumps and bumps to my hips! And I don’t think I want to take in both sides of the lining and exterior.

So, the dilemma is this – do I even bother finishing the hem and hand-stitching the lining by the zipper?  I really don’t think I’d wear it.  It’s a total bummer since I love the fabric and once washed, the edges of the tiers will have some cool fraying.  I kind of think it would be better to find a friend that it would fit or likes the looser style (and is tall – it’s long!).  I could finish it to their desired hem length.  What do you think?


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  1. Your zipper is AWESOME. I recently made my Easter dress, and the zipper is the only complete failure on it 😛

  2. I love the pattern, it seems a shame to not finish. Besides, you’ll be missing part of the learning experience if you don’t finish!

  3. Becky Kitchen

    Kudos on the zipper, but I’m with you about finishing the skirt. Think you would probably not wear it. Maybe someone would like it….

  4. I think it is totally cute! I would wear it but I haven’t seen it on you so I don’t know how baggy it really is. Great job! Where do you take your classes?

  5. Oh I love your fabric – great colors! It would be a shame not to finish it, it’s so cute! I almost always need to make a mock-up out of scrap fabric or a cheap bedsheet when I’m trying a new pattern to test the fit (and you can draw all over it with a marker!). Once you perfect the pattern, you can make it with the real fabric and it will fit perfectly.

    I think you are right though, you would need to take it in a decent length down both sides – tapering from the waist. Safety pins are great for fitting and they won’t move when you take it off after you’ve pinned it where you need to take it in.

    I hope you finish it – you’ve done a great job!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Great suggestion on the safety pins. I think I will fix it. Now that I’ve thought about it a little more and gotten over my initial disappointment! I definitely have learned my lesson on making a muslin. I didn’t for this since it was part of a class – but even that’s not foolproof! Take care, Janette

  6. I can help you fix that! :). It’s darling!!! It should stay!

  7. I hope you figure out a way to make it fit and finish it. Those colors in the fabric are amazing! This would be such a fun summer skirt. Keep us posted on what you decide to do.

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  9. Too bad it wasn’t to your liking. I love mine but it did take some editing. The first time I added darts and then I remembered I could just take that amount out in the side seams but I forgot that would mess with the zipper placement. I’ve almost nailed it but I have enough versions to keep me happy now. With the first one I used a muslin lining and it’s just way too pointy outy on the sides for me. It was so simple to make though that I had to do two more and these ones featured heavier cotton batiks for main fabric and silk for the lining. The silk adds a softness to the finished skirt that has bonuses like making the skirt more flowy and less prone to wrinkling. The length is perhaps not the most flattering (or so I’ve been told but I don’t have a full length mirror to really know) but it’s the perfect length for my work. It’s fine to rack some projects up to experience but you may find that playing with different linings gives you more of what you’re looking for.


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