Sadie Saturday–No More Vets!

photo (18)_edited-1

sigh…Why me?


Hi.  This was me on the way home from yet another vet visit this week.  I had to go twice this week!

First was to get the results of my allergy tests and to have the doctor look at my yucky ear again.  They seemed confused at what was going on.  The doctor kept sticking those long q-tips down my ear and pulling out the slimy gunk.  I love to smell it! I don’t know why Mom says that’s gross!  The doctor said it was the worst she’s ever seen.  I could have told her that! I live with it all day.  Anyway, I found out I’m allergic to almost everything I like – all poultry, oat, corn, soy, potatoes, and on and on.  Lots of weird things like specific grasses and trees too.  At least there’s still peanut butter!

Then I had to go back to the vet later in the week because I had a nasty reaction to the antibiotic I was on.  At least that’s what they think.  I got these big bumps on my lips and Mom got all worried.  I’m looking better now. Of course they had to poke around in my ear more and I hate that!

The worst though? The results came back from the ear culture they took.  I’ve got some nasty infection that is really hard to treat and is resistant to all the drugs they’ve tried.  That’s why it keeps getting worse.  So I have to go to a specialist at an animal hospital on Friday to get a procedure done on my ear.  They have to sedate me, whatever that means.  I’m really nervous but hopefully it will make me feel better.

Think good thoughts for me on Friday afternoon!


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Living in the midwest, wife to a fantastic husband, mom/servant to two cats and a dog.

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  1. Sadie, you are a trooper! Hang in there. Your Mom and Dad will see that you feel better.
    Grandma Becky


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