Sadie Saturday–Thank Goodness It’s NOT Friday


This was me last night.  No, those aren’t some fancy sweatbands.  Those are my bandages.  Under there my pretty fur was shaved off and they put in IV’s and made me go to sleep for awhile.  Yesterday I went into the animal hospital to have my ear flushed.  It was not fun AT ALL.

You see, I have tons of allergies and because of that, I’ve been getting lots of ear infections.  I got one that was really, really bad.  My Mom and Dad were always going on and on about how gross it was and they would make these ridiculous gagging noises when they would clean my ear.  I have to admit, the stuff they would pull out surprised me. All I knew was my ear hurt a lot .  None of the drugs the Doctor tried worked and everyone was very worried. Finally, they found out it was a special kind of infection that couldn’t be treated by normal drugs.

So yesterday, they had to make me go to sleep and go all the way down my ear and clean it out good.  They even said the eardrum was ruptured.  Who knew I had a drum in there?  Regardless, all that smelly gunk is gone and I feel much better.

The only bad part is that Mom has to give me shots in my skin with big needles and clean my ear twice a day.  She doesn’t seem to like that very much and frankly, I don’t appreciate getting poked all those times.

I’m resting today and getting lots of extra pets and jerky.  I deserve it!


About girlguydogcat

Living in the midwest, wife to a fantastic husband, mom/servant to two cats and a dog.

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