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Tequila Lime Chicken and Black Beans


After looking through my new Pioneer Woman cookbook, I had to have a little summery Mexican theme tonight.  I saw the recipe for Tequila Lime Chicken and had to make it.  I’m always looking for ways to make chicken on the grill with actual flavor.  I get so bored with chicken! 

Tonight was a lot of good and a little bad.  The chicken and the black beans were delicious.  I also tried the Mexican Rice recipe from the book and it was kind of a mess.  Not a complete failure – it didn’t burn or set my kitchen on fire or anything.  But, while the flavor was really good, I just couldn’t get the texture right.  I have some sort of problem with rice.  Unless it comes from a box, I will screw it up.  I realize this is like saying I have trouble boiling water.  I’ll try it again because the recipe was easy. The trouble surely came from user error.

Now for the good – I made the marinade in the morning before work so it had all day to work its magic.  It couldn’t be easier to make – just a handful of ingredients – but the end result has a really fresh and bright flavor. And surprisingly, the chicken wasn’t raw or totally charred!  I do all the cooking and baking in the house.  But grilling?  That’s Matt’s area and I gladly avoid the grill.  But he had a late meeting and I didn’t want to wait until 8:30 to eat.  After tonight he better watch out – I might just take over the grilling too!



I topped it with a little monterey jack cheese.  It would have been great with some pico de gallo too.

Even though the recipe was in the cookbook, it was also on  Here it is:  Tequila Lime Chicken.

The black beans were so simple and great too.  I found the recipe on but changed it based on the comments. I sauteed the onions and garlic before adding the beans.  I also drained and rinsed the beans and replaced that liquid with chicken broth.  I’ve never made the recipe as written but I loved this version and will definitely make it often.


Have a great weekend, everyone!


Sadie Saturday–MonkeyHead


Hi!  This is my favorite toy, Monkeyhead. I’ve told you before that I don’t play with toys very much.  I’m too laid back.  Monkeyhead may be slowly changing that.

One day I started chasing one of the cat’s fuzzy toys but my mom made me stop – something about it being too small and I’ll choke.  Fun hater. But later that day she showed up with Monkeyhead.  I loved it right away!  I fetched it a whole bunch of times and then sat down to lick it. 


I still don’t play very often or for very long.  I get bored if I chase it more than a handful of times. But, every few days when I decide to play, this little guy is my favorite!

Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle


Last weekend, when we had friends over I, once again, made two desserts.  This isn’t me being ambitious.  It’s me being nervous and indecisive.  I couldn’t decide which to make and since I had never made either, I figured one would work out.  I’ve had a few kitchen disasters with guests so now I probably overdo it just in case. But better to have too much food than not enough, right?

The other dessert that night was the Slutty Brownies.  Of course with the attention-grabbing name, that had to be written up first.  But, in truth, I am less of a chocolate dessert fan than most people.  I will pick the cheesecake or fruit dessert over chocolate every time.  And when I say fruit dessert, I don’t mean a bowl of berries.  That has its place, I guess,  but it’s boring.  I mean fruit with lots of sugar, butter or cream mixed in somehow. Between the two desserts, I actually preferred this one.  Too bad it doesn’t have a sassy name too.

The recipe as written was designed to go in cute little parfait cups.  I don’t own those so it went in my trifle dish (trifle glass?).  Calling it cheesecake is a bit of a misnomer. I was expecting something with a denser layer.  It’s very light (in texture, not in calories). Smile  But, because of the ingredients, it definitely does have a chessecakey (technical term) flavor.  Regardless of the name, it’s delicious.

Here’s the recipe:  Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits  update: I forgot to mention – I doubled the recipe. has a nifty tool where you can change the number of servings and it will adjust the recipe.  cool!

Aside from learning how to layer things in a trifle without it being a complete mess, next time I will probably make more of the graham cracker butter mixture.  I know it’s supposed to be the “crust” on the bottom but I think it would be good layered throughout and I didn’t have enough.  Maybe in parfait glasses it would work better?

IMG_8269_edited-1I know, my food styling is impressive.  Dirty knives and a roll of paper towels in the background  add to the photo, don’t you think?  I really need to think about my photos more if I’m going to blog!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Feline Friday–Sunbeams Make Me Sleepy

Well, hi there!  This is one of my favorite spots.  The sun comes in so bright and warm.  I was just giving myself a little bath…IMG_8013_edited-1

That was hard work.  Time to take a nap again.




I’m an angel

What? I didn’t get in the trash while you were gone. Why would you think that? Oh, and on a totally unrelated note, the cats knocked over your office trash and got in the kitchen can. I tried to stop them. Really.20120522-173743.jpg

Slutty Brownies


Embrace your inner slut.

This brownie recipe was sent to me by a friend who knows I like to bake from time to time (thanks, Christine!) and I’m so glad she recommended them.  I made them last night and they were a big hit.

The recipe is a creation of the blogger, The Londoner.  Here is the link to her recipe. She named them Slutty Brownies because they are so easy and a little filthy.  Ha!

And, truly, they couldn’t be easier.  Cookie mix, brownie mix and Oreos. Mmmmmm…IMG_8250_edited-1

All you do is mix up your cookie dough and brownie batter.  Press the cookie dough in your pan, layer with Oreos and top with the brownie batter.  Cook according to the brownie batter’s time for your pan size.IMG_8262_edited-2

There is one thing I will change for next time (and there will definitely be a next time).  I’ll make the cookie dough from scratch or buy the Toll House dough that is premade.  The cookie dough from the bag doesn’t make very much and it didn’t cover a 13X9 pan.  It ended up slightly dry and while delicious, it doesn’t have a cookie texture.  Don’t get me wrong, you’ll love it as is; I just want the cookie layer a little thicker.

Serve warm out of the oven with ice cream.  Oh my.  The Oreos are warm, the brownies are just slightly underdone, and everything is gooey.  IMG_8274_edited-2Come on.  You know you want to….

*Update:  I made these a second time and used the Toll House ready-made dough that comes in the tub.  It makes the cookie layer thicker and taste better. Definitely go that route!

Sadie Saturday – I’m Worth It

I went to the salon (groomer) yesterday. Mom was complaining that my haircuts cost twice as much as hers. But at least I get a bath, too!