Strawberry Pie

Last night we had Matt’s family over and I used it as an opportunity to try a couple of pie recipes that looked good.  I made a Key Lime Pie and a Strawberry Pie.  They both tasted great and I’m making a second Key Lime tomorrow for Mother’s Day.  I’ll post that later.


Now, I know this isn’t the best looking pie you’ve ever seen.  Yes, it’s a bit deformed.  I had a little issue with the pie crust.  Between making dinner and making two pies I figured the safest way to do the pie crust was buy the rolled up, refrigerated kind (I’ve never made a scratch pie crust),  especially since this one had to be made over my lunch break.  I have no idea why the crust shrank to the bottom of the pan (both times!!) but fortunately it didn’t affect the taste and I had understanding guests.

I eat strawberries year round but I especially love them in the spring. I have a collection of strawberry recipes I want to try when I get the chance.  I was surprised at how easy this was.  Once the pie crust is baked, you just slice the strawberries and bring the rest of the ingredients to a boil, let them thicken, and pour the glaze over the strawberries in the crust.  Not all mine are covered in the yummy glaze because every time I looked at the pie I shoved a couple more strawberries in there.

You can find the recipe here:

Strawberry Pie

A side note – you may wonder why I don’t include the recipe or step-by-step pictures here on the blog.  Well, I figure if someone goes to the trouble to develop a recipe and post it to a website or print in a book, I shouldn’t steal that content for my blog (even if I only have a handful of readers!).  There are thousands of cooking blogs out there that can teach people how to cook – I’m not trying to do that.  Actually, that idea is laughable! 🙂 But, as I try things I like, I’ll share them! If I vary dramatically from a recipe, I’ll share the changes to the ingredient list.



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