Anna Tunic


I finally got around to making something new!  Actually, over the past month or so I cut out two other patterns and fabrics and just didn’t feel like making them.  I wasn’t crazy about the fabric/pattern combinations– it’s a problem I have.  I love all these crazy prints in the store and buy the fabric but then realize I don’t have a lot of good patterns for loud fabric or it’s something I wouldn’t wear.  I’m accumulating quite the stash of pretty fabric that I have no idea what to do with.

Anyway, this is a pattern I’ve wanted to make for awhile. The pattern is the Anna Tunic by Amy Butler.   The fabric is Fandango by Kate Spain. I love longer shirts and figure I can wear this with my straight leg or skinny(ish) jeans.  Here’s what the pattern was supposed to look like:

I think mine (though in a larger size) looks pretty close.  I haven’t made the flower yet.  I didn’t think I’d want it initially but it probably would be a good option to have. This is a great blouse to show off a cute fabric. It’s also lined and the buttons and button loops on the back are a nice detail.IMG_8214_edited-1

Making the tunic wasn’t too hard.  Other than some confusion with how to construct the yoke (I must have read those directions 20 times!), it really wasn’t too bad.  I had several hiccups but those were my own doing. I will likely make a couple more and I’m sure they will go quickly now that I’ve been through the process. 

The fit is a little big – it’s too baggy  throughout.  Next time I make one, I’ll probably take in the upper portion a bit and figure out how to move the up the waist.

Forgive these ridiculous picture.  The light was fading and my remote was downstairs and, well, I was lazy.


Even Ollie has been bitten by the sewing bug.




Have a great weekend!


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  1. OMG! What a lovely tunic! Your button closures are really beautiful! AND you look fabulous! Well done- and OH, I LOVE your dog!!!!!!

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