Some Simple Skirts

Over the past few years, I’ve started wearing shorts less in the summer.  I just don’t like how they look anymore.  While I wear jeans many days because I’m in air conditioning, there are times I just can’t bear to wear them in the heat.  When I started sewing I knew I had to learn to make simple A-line skirts – cool and comfy.storephoto_edited-1

When I started learning to sew, I was enthralled by all the colorful fabrics (I still am).  I got sucked in by all the pretty quilting cottons and if there was a big sale I would buy a couple yards of several prints even if I didn’t have a pattern in mind.  That resulted in me owning lots of fabric in odd prints or was a good price so safe to practice on. If I’m honest, though, they aren’t prints I would wear often.  I’ve come to the realization that good apparel fabric is hard to find locally and I shouldn’t confuse the pretty crafty prints with those good for apparel(at least for me) .

Since I’m still learning, however, some of those super cheap sale fabrics are being put to good use.  I made two skirts using a extremely easy pattern in the book, Sew What! Skirts.  The book’s styling is a bit dated but I really liked the way they show you how to make a variety of skirts from two basic patterns. 

I learned a lot with these very basic skirts.  They gave me practice with invisible zippers.  Lots of practice, actually.  I installed the zipper completely wrong on the first skirt and couldn’t believe how I made that mistake since invisible zippers are so easy (regular zippers scare me).  Then I made the exact same mistake on the second skirt.  duh. not invisible zipper_edited-1

first try – not so invisible zipper

Part of the reason I used these fabrics from my stash was that they have cream in them, not white. I have exactly one cream shirt – the long sloppy tank I’m wearing below. I figured if the skirts don’t fit, it doesn’t matter since I don’t have anything to wear with them anyway!

The first skirt is a little flouncy for me (it doesn’t show in the pictures) and I had to take in the seams to get it to fit correctly.  I calculated way too much ease when initially drawing the pattern.  The second is not A-line enough and I still had to mess with the seams to take it in.  After looking at the pictures, I realize I need to shorten it a bit too.  Even with all that, they are comfy kick-around skirts and I gained a good understanding of what to do on the next one and what measurements will work best.

These pictures are awful! The light shining in from the front door makes me look paler than I am (I didn’t realize that was possible) and I’m standing like a man.  Awkward. Oh well, these were trial-run skirts.  This can be a set of trial-run photos too!



Off to the next project.  Either an apron or a tank top – can’t decide which.

Have a great weekend!


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Living in the midwest, wife to a fantastic husband, mom/servant to two cats and a dog.

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  1. dressesandme

    Great work! I love the fabric choices 🙂

    • Thank you! I used those fabrics because I knew I wouldn’t use them in another project (though I do love the red one) but I ended up liking them! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Becky Kitchen

    Is this my daughter?? So proud of you-more ‘gumption’ than I ever had!

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