Scenes From a Window Seat

I love taking pictures from the window seat when I travel.  Our country is so beautiful and for some areas, flying over is the only way I’ll see them.  The perspective is amazing.

This week I was in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Denver. I was there for work and only 24 hours (or less) in each city.  A view from the window was the only way to see anything.  Unfortunately, the wild fires on one flight and an aisle seat on another in Colorado prevented me from seeing the Rockies on this trip.

If I’m not reading or asleep, I’m looking out the window trying to get my bearings and guessing where I am.  I love it when I come across something incredible like mountains, lakes, or all of a sudden see a famous landmark.

Here are some of the snapshots I took this week. I’ll share some from past trips later.

On the way to Seattle (Mount Rainier was more visible in person – I think that’s the mountain it was):

iphone 294_edited-1

IMG_2031 edit


Seattle to L.A., passing over San Francisco.

iphone 348 edited

As we flew into L.A. there was this layer of clouds that was so odd.  It was creepy – it reminded me of movies where aliens take over and a clouds spread across the landscape.  Yeah, weird thing to think of, I know.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  It was completely clear and then suddenly a massive layer completely clouded over everything.

iphone 349 edit

Not from the airplane but I always like the space age look of this structure whenever I fly into LAX.  Not a great shot – I was waiting for the hotel shuttle. Oh well.

iphone 350 edit

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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  1. Pretty pics!

  2. Lovely photos! Thank you!!!!


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