Blackberry Cobbler

IMG_8682_edited-1Berry season is here!  I love any type of cobbler or crisp but had never tried anything but apple crisp.  I bought some blackberries (my favorite) and looked for simple, fool-proof recipe.  I found an easy-looking recipe for a blackberry cobbler and gave it a shot.  Since I’ve started trying new recipes more this year, I’m constantly amazed at how easy some of the yummiest recipes are.  Why didn’t I try them sooner?


Here’s the recipe:

Fresh Blackberry Cobbler

It’s so simple (more detail can be found on the link above) – just combine the flour, 1/2 the sugar, and the other dry ingredients.  Cut in the cold butter until it is a coarse crumb.  Add the boiling water.  Stir.

Mix the remaining ingredients in separate bowl, add the blackberries and transfer to a skillet.  Heat until the liquid boils.


Be careful not to step on your kitchen helper.


Pour in an 8×8 dish.  Drop the dough in spoonfuls on top.  Bake for 25 minutes at 400 degrees.

(I forgot to take the picture before putting in the oven – oops)IMG_8663_edited-1

Enjoy with ice cream!



Now, what to do with the blueberries in the fridge?


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