Light(er) Blueberry Muffins


I had a bunch of blueberries in my fridge so I decided to try homemade blueberry muffins.  I love muffins but they are essentially little pieces of cake that you feel only slightly better about because of the fruit.

I think I’ve already professed my love of all things “America’s Test Kitchen”.  I absolutely love their cookbooks.  They will try dozens of variations of a recipe to make sure it is the best possible version within reason for the home cook.  IMG_8718_edited-1

They also have a few cookbooks aimed at healthier eating.  The book I used was The Best Light Recipe.This isn’t a diet food cookbook by any means.  Rather, they say their goal is to lighten up existing recipes without sacrificing flavor and make some ‘healthy food’ recipes taste better so we eat them more often.  I think this is a good way to look at eating.  Unless you’re eating fast food all the time and melting cheese on everything, small improvements across the board will probably make a big impact without feeling disappointed every time you sit down to eat.

I love these cookbooks because they walk you through the process: how the recipe differs from the classic version, why the changes work and what ingredients were tested and won out. I could (and have) read them like a book. Dork, I know.

The Best Light Recipe

IMG_8721_edited-2I love when the fruit bubbles up and oozes out – yum!

It’s still a blueberry muffin so not health food but the calories are reduced and the fat and saturated fat is less than half the classic version.  They do this by reducing (not eliminating) the butter and substituting yogurt.  The book was written in 2006 before the Greek yogurt craze hit.  I wonder if that would work too? They had you cream the butter (not sure that’s typical for muffins) and substitute a portion of cake flour for all purpose.

I thought they were really good, and not just “healthy-good”, actually good.  The berries were so fresh and sweet – mmm! They did get crumbly the second day (the day I took the pictures below) but that may be normal with homemade muffins.  Or, maybe it was because I used non-fat yogurt rather than low-fat which was listed in the recipe.  IMG_8732_edited-1


All in all, another success from this book.  Can’t wait to try the next recipe!


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  1. They are truly delicious!!

  2. Jill Alexander

    Wait, so did you post the recipe for this? Sorry, I’m blog-clueless… Jill

    • no – I didn’t. It was in a cookbook and I didn’t feel right copying it word for word to the world (even if 20 people read this). Jill – I can send to you over email.


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