Feline Friday–Lucy Edition


We have Lucy staying with us this week.  She’s my Mom’s cat and just so sweet.  She has the most gorgeous green eyes and looks like she’s wearing funky eye liner.IMG_8772_edited-1

I love her markings – she looks like she has a smudge of stripes on her chest.IMG_8773_edited-1

Now, I don’t know if she likes it here as much as we like her.  Whenever she visits she spends the first few days hanging out on top of the dining room table or on the stairs.  She’s been here since Sunday and finally came out today to nap on the couch.  And she will cuddle with me while I’m on the sofa with my laptop.  It only took 5 days…IMG_8768_edited-1

Poor girl has to put up with Ollie who is a terror.  But Kirby loves it since he’s no longer first choice as the target for chases and has had a relaxing few days. IMG_8778_edited-1

But the biggest adjustment is the dog.She also doesn’t know what to make of Sadie.  Usually she makes this a moan/growl/meow/whine noise before hissing and running away.  Tonight she tried to scare Sadie off with a fierce arched back. Sadie just looks at her like she’s crazy and goes about her business.IMG_8784_edited-1

Even Ollie had to pop upstairs to here what that weird noise was.IMG_8791_edited-1

All in all, we love having her and can’t wait for the next time she visits.IMG_8782_edited-1


About girlguydogcat

Living in the midwest, wife to a fantastic husband, mom/servant to two cats and a dog.

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  1. Thanks, Janette, for letting me have a dose of Lucy while I’m away.
    Such good pictures of her! I don’t see how you get so close to her.
    Love Ollie’s ears poking up!


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