Finally… A Dress


(can we just not discuss how awful it is to take pictures of yourself, especially at the end of the day when you’ve had your hair in a ponytail all day?  And how my legs are a COMPLETELY different color than the rest of my body?  I think I have a condition where my legs lost the ability to tan at some point.  something like that…)

I haven’t had much to update on the sewing front since I went several weeks of not wanting to start anything. I bought fabrics and patterns but was a little discouraged from my last few projects.  My skirts were ho-hum, the Amy Butler tunic was cute in theory but didn’t look that great on me.  I tried a popular tank pattern that I was hopeful I could make in a bunch of fabrics and it was too big and looked like a shapeless sack.  Boo!

This week I decided I needed a casual dress that was easy to make.  I tried Vogue 1236.


It isn’t ultra fitted so a lot of skill wasn’t needed.  And, because it’s loose it will be super comfortable in this hot weather.

I based my size off the finished garment measurements, not the sizing table or my ready-to-wear size.  Thank goodness!  I know pattern sizing has no relationship to ready-to-wear and I don’t really care about the number anyway.  But, it almost makes it harder because you “know” you’ll go up a few sizes in a pattern (vs. your normal RTW size) but the patterns also have so much ease that you can’t go by the sizing tables unless you want to wear a tent.  For reference,  in a store I wear anything from a 6 to a 10.  I don’t mind sharing because – who cares!? According to the pattern table, I should make anything from a 12 to a 16.    BUT, based on finished garment measurements and calculating how much ease I wanted, I made a 10 on top and graded to a 12 on bottom and it was perfect.  It’s enough to make your head spin! But, it’s also part of the beauty of learning to sew – you make it just for your measurements!

I did make a couple adjustments. I shortened the waist 1.5” and added 2” to the length at the bottom. This pattern is cut short! I’m only 5’6” and even with the extra 2 inches, I only got a 3/4” hem of out it. SONY DSC

I really like the pockets because they’re a cute feature and it’s comfortable to have a place for your hands.  However, in this dress, on me at least, it adds poofiness and bumps I don’t want.  I think the dress would look best with the top bloused over the belt a little more but the pockets get in the way of the belt. I think I’ll leave them off next time.

SONY DSC                       Lumpy if you don’t keep your hands in your pockets at all times!

I also did my first blind hem.  It isn’t perfect but not too bad for my first try!SONY DSC

I got some practice slipstitching, too.  I had to close the openings at the shoulders and on the belt.  Not perfect but looks fine from a distance.SONY DSC

All and all, I’m happy with the project and it was just what I needed to get back on the sewing train again!


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  1. Really cute! I’ve been eying this pattern for a while– your version looks great!

  2. Great dress! I really like the fabric.

  3. Cuckoo Chanel

    You look great in this. Thanks so much for the sizing advice. I had planned on cutting my fabric for this pattern this evening! Great timing.

    • thanks! the sizing is one of the hardest things for me. I don’t have a ton of sewing time (and I’m so slow) so making something only to find it doesn’t fit is frustrating. Good luck with yours!

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