Scenes From A Window Seat: Clouds


IMG_2543_edited-1So glad to be home! I’ve been traveling the past two weeks.  First to a sales meeting and then directly down to Florida for vacation.  I was on eight planes over the course of the trip and only got the window seat a couple of times.  Don’t these airlines know I have a blog?!


We went down to Captiva Island, FL.  I absolutely love the place.  I started going down with my family in ‘80 or ‘81 and have only missed a handful of summers when I was in my twenties and thirties and couldn’t take time off work.  Luckily, Matt enjoys it as much as I do and he’s happy to continue the tradition.

IMG_2547_edited-1It always strikes me how vibrant everything is down there.  Bright sun, blue sky, white sand and blue water.  And the clouds – they are the whitest, puffiest things you’ve ever seen. So, while I couldn’t get a shot of the island from above I did get some photos of the clouds.  Keep in mind these are from a phone so the quality isn’t great. I may post some actual vacation photos later.  You’re so excited, aren’t you?

my only shot with water in the backgroundIMG_2548_edited-1



And because it is Florida, a mid afternoon rain shower…



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