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Happy Adoptaversary, Sadie!


It’s hard to believe but it has been a year since Matt and I drove a couple hours away to pick up Sadie from a rescue organization.  We don’t exactly know her background because some of the information doesn’t fit together.  Supposedly she was a pet which makes sense because she is so well behaved and trained to sit, shake, stay off the furniture, and walk well on leash.  On the other hand, she was around 2 years old (we don’t know how old exactly) and had been bred twice.  Her owners were getting rid of her because she wasn’t caring for her puppies so they had to be breeders.

Sadies adoption picture2Sadie’s adoption picture from the rescue website

sadie first day

On the ride home!

When we picked her up, we found a sweet girl who was friendly from the start and couldn’t wait to get in the car.  Her coat was rough and growing back from being shaved and her incision from her spay was still not fully healed.IMG_5855_edited-1

Her first week home.

I couldn’t believe how quickly she became an important part of my life.  Sadie is my first dog. I always had cats and wasn’t anti-dog but just was never around them much.  I am now the crazy person that talks about their dog like it’s her child and takes hundreds of pictures (but come on – she’s so cute!).  I do blog posts, for goodness sake!  She now occupies a place in my heart I didn’t know I had and I’m thankful for it.

The past year has been easy overall.  Sure, our schedules have been impacted but that was to be expected.  She is a low key dog that came to us fully trained.  She has the sweetest disposition.  The adjustment period was short.  We are very lucky in that respect.  sadie candy cane_edited-1

The challenges we’ve had this year have more to do with her health issues.  We learned  Sadie has serious allergies that require regular medication and special food to manage.  She needed a costly ear procedure.  We recently found out she has Wobbler Syndrome which is something we have to watch carefully and will likely get worse over the years possibly requiring surgery.  She also has tremors that are hard to watch but are not painful.


After her ear procedure.  Ear infection finally gone.

We’ve learned a lot about her funny personality over the year:

She loves food more than anything (including us) and will beg relentlessly (but silently, thank goodness)…IMG_2287_edited-1

sadie begsadie pizza

Car rides are a close second…IMG_2683_edited-1


She will steal food out of the trash or off the counter every chance she gets (just one example)…IMG_2017_edited-1

Wants to be nearby at all times…IMG_2569_edited-1

Is tolerant of her playful young puppy friends…IMG_8600_edited-1

ryland sadie_edited-1

Loves ice cubes (we learned that from her doggie day care)…

She passed her test for Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog certification…

Is so patient she let me dress her up in a robe and shower cap for Halloween.  Can’t wait for this year…IMG_6008_edited-1

Rarely plays with toys unless they contain food and then won’t be distracted…IMG_8406_edited-1

Is a Newfoundland that doesn’t like water

But best of all, she will woo you with her big brown eyes…SONY DSC

and a tilt of the headjanette sadie_edited-1

We’re lucky to have her in our life and look forward to what the next year will bring.


Feline Friday

Well, hello.  You weren’t done with the office chair?  Come on sit right here. *pats seat*

And stop saying I have a pink pig belly.  That’s not very nice.

ollie chair_edited-1

Fall is Time for Slow Cookers


Why is it that when the weather turns cool, we totally change the way we eat?  At least I do.  It started with the Apple Crisp.  This week I broke out the Crock Pot. I do love that device.  I made dinner Sunday and Tuesday and both were delicious.  I used America’s Test Kitchen’s (no surprise there) Slow Cooker Revolution.  I’ve made at least five recipes from this book and all have turned out great.

Sunday night I made Brazilian Black Bean and Pork Stew.  I love black beans so this was a nice change from the normal stew, pulled pork or sloppy joe’s I normally make in the slow cooker.  The stew has pork, black beans, sausage, onions, garlic, broth and a bunch of spices. I also made the recommended Brazilian Hot Sauce. The hot sauce was good (a vinegary pico de gallo) but even better the next day with leftovers.

We served the stew with rice (which I totally screwed up), crusty bread, salad and apple crisp for dessert.  The pictures below aren’t great since we had friends and family over for dinner.  I was more interested in chatting than taking pictures.



But the better of the two meals was last night. I made the Everyday Shredded Chicken Filling in the slow cooker and used it in enchiladas.  Oh my gosh.  They were so good.  I will definitely make these again.


I can’t recommend this cookbook enough.  The base shredded chicken was fantastic.  When making the enchiladas, you add cheese, cilantro and jalapeno to the chicken before rolling – even better!  There is also a recipe for Enchilada sauce that had great flavor.  Because of the steps with the chicken and making the sauce, it’s not one of those slow cooker meals that you plop everything in the pot and you’re done.  But, the small amount of time it took is well worth it.

Next up:  a new chili recipe.  In the slow cooker of course.

Happy National Dog Week!

Happy National Dog Week!

Sadie Saturday–I Feel Great!


I have felt like a million bucks (whatever that is) this week.  My nice doctor put me on steroids last Friday and, wow, they are awesome!  I am so energetic I even walk somewhat fast on my walks!  I’ve even been known to run a couple times and play with toys!  That is not like me at all.  I’m usually pretty lazy low key.


Last Sunday was a great day.  I got to share my newfound energy (my mom called it spazziness) with my whole family.  One of my cousins (I know she’s a human but I consider her my cousin) had a birthday party.  My aunt invited me over and I had such a good time! When I stayed with grandma this summer I saw the kids every day and I had such fun seeing and playing with them again.  I ran around outside and chased them and they laughed and screamed – it was great!  One of them tried to ride me like a horse!  I didn’t like that nonsense so I sat down and he slid off. Silly boy.


My mom said I was acting so crazy and out of control that she will never take me over to someone’s house again when on ‘drugs’.  She’s nuts.  I was charming.



Also last weekend we went on a car ride and a walk in the park followed by dinner (for them).  I know I’ve said this a million times but car rides are the BEST! And this one was with both Mom and Dad.  So of course Mom started taking pictures.  Why does she do that?  She should just stick her head out the window and enjoy the breeze like I do!




Have a great weekend!

Scenes from a Window Seat–Skies over Chicago

Flying into Chicago Tuesday evening…


A little closer…


I liked the shadows of the buildings on the water.  The picture didn’t turn out as well as I hoped.


Scenes From a Window Seat

I’ve been traveling for work the past 15 years or so and every time I fly in and out of my home airport I look for my house.  I often see my general area.  I regularly see my grocery store, local hospital,  nearby golf courses, etc… because they are big and easy to spot.  But today I finally flew close enough to see my actual house!  It’s down there trust me.

I connected through Cleveland (first time I’ve been on a prop plane in years!):

To get to Pittsburgh:

Hopefully more pictures to come.  Have a great week!