Double Chocolate Praline Cake


Oh my goodness.  This recipe is so good. I was starving when I went grocery shopping the other day (not smart, I know) and picked up this magazine/cookbook.  Bad idea. I was craving cake for two days.


Today I tried the Double Chocolate Praline Cake.  Three layers, ganache in the middle and sides and praline frosting.  Whoa. This cake is rich! The frosting is basically a big piece of candy on top.


I definitely recommend the recipe.  There is one thing to think about.  This is not a difficult recipe at all but it does take some time.  Not necessarily a lot of hands on time, but between the cake baking, cooling, making the ganache and frosting, the ganache chilling, then the praline frosting setting, it takes awhile.  It’s good to do if you’re home for a couple hours and have other stuff to do.

I might make two layers next time.  I didn’t completely flatten the tops of the lower layers because it would have made them too thin. When I tried to trim the sides, I lost some chunks as you can see below.  But, once it’s frosted it looks fine.

Part of that problem may have been caused by my oven. I’m still having issues with things being done too quickly. The recipe calls for 22-24 minutes. I checked at 18 minutes and thank goodness I did. All three pans were done and already pulled away from the side.

Nothing extra ganache filling can’t fix….

photo (22)_edited-1

…and some frosting can’t cover.



Here are the recipes:


Ganache filling

Praline frosting

Give it a shot – you’ll be glad you did!


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  1. Oh man….look at that frosting!!!! I need a slice of this cake right now!! 😉


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