Sadie Saturday–Water Dog?

newf rescue

(AP Photo/Courtesy of Italian School of Canine Lifeguards) 


Happy Labor Day weekend!  My relatives (other Newfies) are hard workers.  In fact, our breed is part of the Working Group within the AKC.  Newfs are well known to be excellent swimmers with a protective instinct.  There are a lot of stories about Newfies jumping in any body of water they can and if you’re swimming, they will rescue you whether you need it or not! 

Here’s a whole team of Newfoundlands that have been trained to rescue people in Italy:

Anyway, it has been so hot here that my mom thought I would like a little pool.  It was mostly to cool off so I could hang out with everyone outside and also fun for me since all my relatives like the water so much.  That idea didn’t go over so well.

Maybe I would like swimming in a lake but a baby pool?  I would rather stay in the shade of the garage and watch her splash around calling my name (I must admit that was entertaining.)


Then she brought out the salmon jerky.  Fine I’ll get in.  Happy?


Then she poured water on me!  She said it was because my black fur gets so hot.  She even tried to get me to sit in the pool.  Crazy!



I would jump out right after I got my treat but she would call me back.  I can’t resist the salmon. We did this a few times before I was done for good.



The things I do for treats….



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