Sadie Saturday–I Feel Great!


I have felt like a million bucks (whatever that is) this week.  My nice doctor put me on steroids last Friday and, wow, they are awesome!  I am so energetic I even walk somewhat fast on my walks!  I’ve even been known to run a couple times and play with toys!  That is not like me at all.  I’m usually pretty lazy low key.


Last Sunday was a great day.  I got to share my newfound energy (my mom called it spazziness) with my whole family.  One of my cousins (I know she’s a human but I consider her my cousin) had a birthday party.  My aunt invited me over and I had such a good time! When I stayed with grandma this summer I saw the kids every day and I had such fun seeing and playing with them again.  I ran around outside and chased them and they laughed and screamed – it was great!  One of them tried to ride me like a horse!  I didn’t like that nonsense so I sat down and he slid off. Silly boy.


My mom said I was acting so crazy and out of control that she will never take me over to someone’s house again when on ‘drugs’.  She’s nuts.  I was charming.



Also last weekend we went on a car ride and a walk in the park followed by dinner (for them).  I know I’ve said this a million times but car rides are the BEST! And this one was with both Mom and Dad.  So of course Mom started taking pictures.  Why does she do that?  She should just stick her head out the window and enjoy the breeze like I do!




Have a great weekend!


About girlguydogcat

Living in the midwest, wife to a fantastic husband, mom/servant to two cats and a dog.

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  1. What a lucky dog you are, Sadie, to have such a great Mom and Dad! I guess being on drugs has made you feel better, so…keep it up!


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