Apron – Simplicity 2555


After making a couple garments with mixed results, I wanted to try something easy with no fitting needed.  My husband got me an apron probably eight years ago and I wear it every time I cook or bake (I’m very messy).  I have definitely gotten my use out of it but it has seen better days.  So, I decided to replace it using a pattern I bought a few months ago. 

I went to brunch with my friends and their kids last weekend and when I showed their daughter (my goddaughter) the pattern, she piped up and said, “make me an apron!” I thought that was a great idea! Not only would she get a cute apron, I could use some of the fabric I love but probably won’t use for clothing and check out how the adjustable straps work.  I’m so glad I did.  She looks so cute!  I worried the entire time I was making it that it would be too small.  I don’t have kids to compare against and it looked so tiny!  The thing is: she is tiny! Plus I learned that the thicker fabric I will use for my version (the non-gathered option) probably won’t work for the straps – I’ll use ribbon or a thinner fabric for those.

audra apron PicMonkey CollageAnd, yes, that is an adorable Ohio State cheerleader outfit under there!  We were at my friend’s celebrating her sons b-day while watching the Buckeyes beat Penn State.  Go Bucks!

This is a very easy pattern as long as you are familiar with facings and gathering.  If so, it’s as basic as you can get.

The best part of this pattern are the straps and ties.  They’re all one piece and can be adjusted as needed to make the top fit properly in addition to tying around the waist.  The facings functions as a casing.  They adjust perfectly fine with the quilting cotton I used.  It might be too tight to allow easy movement of the straps with the canvas I was planning to use on my version.




The only negative part is how you finish the seam connecting the bib and the bottom.  You have to think about that in advance if you don’t have a serger.  There are no notes about it in the instructions.  Left as is would feel bulky and eventually unravel.


Speaking of sergers , maybe the best part (other than being able to give it to my goddaughter) was that I got to use my latest gadget – a serger!  I’m so excited to have one and it should really speed up my sewing and improve the quality of what I make.  I used it for the first time here and it’s a little messy and the wrong color (I only had black thread) but it really cleaned up the seam.  I can’t wait to use it more!


IMG_9522_edited-1Next up?  Finding a nice half apron for my Mom and a new apron for me!


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  1. very cute and useful, right- all that cooking you do!

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