Thankful–Day 2

I’m taking a bit of a different approach with this project.  Instead of getting all sappy (not my style – particularly on the internet), I’m approaching this as an exercise in paying more attention to the daily things in life that make me smile.  My biggest blessing in life is my husband.  I am truly lucky to have such fun and loving person to share my life.  But that is bigger than all the little occurrences that happen each day.  I’m viewing  this as a way to be more aware.  To really appreciate not only the big things (husband, family, health, job) but the small things that make life wonderful too.

Today I have two!

I spent the night in Grand Rapids.  There was a crack in the curtains in my hotel room this morning and the sun was blasting through.  I was awake anyway so I got up to look. The sun was so bright coming up over Grand Rapids!  I took a photo (don’t you love having camera phones always handy?)  It won’t win any photography awards but I’m glad I did it.  Just a minute later the sun had risen enough to be hidden under the cloud layer.

IMG_3103 1

After my long drive home, one of my favorite things is to come home to Matt and Sadie.  The cats are nice but act as if they didn’t notice I was gone (which is probably true).  And, honestly, Sadie gives me a better reaction than my husband!  So I tried to record it.  She was down in the basement with Matt so was pretty calm this time – I need to get a better video- but it’s still a highlight to come home to her wagging tail and crazy noises even if this isn’t the best example.

Pet me! Why are you holding that darn phone!

and a bonus video of sadie singing…


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Living in the midwest, wife to a fantastic husband, mom/servant to two cats and a dog.

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