Renfrew Part Two


I was so excited to get my birthday present (a few weeks late) – a new serger!  I got it at a local shop where the ladies are so helpful.  Plus it was a better price than online.  I love it when I can support local businesses, especially for costly items like this.  I figured the perfect project to get familiar with using it would be another Renfrew.  I have to say I LOVE using the new machine.  IMG_9674_edited-1

It’s amazing how fast it runs and how much nicer the seam finish is.  You can see below the blue Renfrew was just finished by pinking shears and the black was done by serger.



I did several of the seams directly on the serger which made this project super fast.  In fact I would have been done in an evening if I didn’t get sloppy.  See if you can spot the mistake below (that’s the front).  Oops.


After ripping out the entire waistband serged seam  – ALL 4 THREADS – I learned my lesson and sewed the waistband and cuffs on the sewing machine and finished them on the serger.  If I ever make this again, I will lengthen the body and sleeves and make the cuffs and waistband smaller.  It lays oddly but that might just be because it was sewn, picked apart, and sewn again so it was stretched.


Even with those issues, I’m happy with it and know it will get a ton of wear.


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Living in the midwest, wife to a fantastic husband, mom/servant to two cats and a dog.

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  1. Cute! Serging is so much fun! I’m always so impressed with how fancy serged seams look (easily impressed, I guess).

  2. it was my husband who kept reminding me that i needed to dig out my serger and learn how to use it (after it sat for years in a closet), so now he has to put up with me telling him all about how great it is each time i use it 🙂
    your renfrew looks great – i can see why it’s such a popular pattern!

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