Fallen Angel Food Cake


As I try to improve my cooking and baking skills, I’m trying to make favorite basics that I usually buy but have never made from scratch.  Now that I think of it I should make a list.  It’s kind of embarrassing how many fundamental recipes I have never attempted (pie crust, roast chicken, steak at home, and on and on…)IMG_0097_edited-1

I love angel food cake.  It’s sweet without being too much, relatively low on the bad-for-you scale, at least as far as cakes go, and is so delicious with strawberries.

So instead of buying one from the grocery store I decided to give it a try. I had a couple dozen eggs left over from Thanksgiving weekend.  I had grand plans of making a delicious egg casserole for my guests and went a little crazy in the Costco dairy case.  We got to chatting in the evening (it’s made the night before) and I forgot.  Sorry!  Needless to say, I didn’t know what to do with dozens of eggs.  Angel food cake is perfect because you use a dozen egg whites.IMG_0026_edited-1

That’s a lot of egg whites – am I the only one that thinks they’re kinda gross?  Luckily they turn into something magical.

When I mentioned to my husband that I was going to make an angel food cake, he asked for a chocolate angel food cake.  I wanted to stick with the traditional but did make a yummy chocolate glaze so he can have the extra sugar he so craves.

The recipe I used was from America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook.  I’ve mentioned before how it’s my first stop when looking for a recipe and this was clear and easy.

I had mixed results.  Most importantly, it tastes delicious.  Much more flavor than the grocery store versions I buy.  It certainly doesn’t look as pretty though.  That’s definitely my fault but I’m not exactly sure what I need to change.  One thing for sure, I needed to rotate it during baking as recommended (I forgot).  Look how crooked it was!  whoops.

angel food_edited-1(it looks even more ridiculous in person if that’s possible)

It’s also not nearly as tall and fluffy as it should be.  I don’t know why that is.  Maybe I stirred the batter too much when I was folding in the flour.  Maybe I tapped the pan on the counter too many times.  The recipe calls for that – likely to get rid of air bubbles.  I did it a few times.  Maybe that was too much. Anyone know why I have a sinking, sloping cake?


(pay no attention to the sinking hole in the middle)

The only negative was the time commitment.   I read through the recipe but must have skimmed over the cooling time. The recipe is super simple and has little hands-on time but it needs to cool in the pan upside down for 2-3 hours (and this is after the egg whites are brought to room temperature and it bakes for 50 mins)!  By the time I finished the cake and cooling, I decided to make the glaze the next day.


Doesn’t matter, it’s only the two of us eating it and it tastes so good I had two pieces today (so far)!


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  1. i bet it’s delicious! home-made is always better than out-of-a-box 🙂
    when you’re ready to tackle pie crust, i made a little tutorial a while ago for a crust i make time and time again and have always had great results – maybe it will work for you, too!

  2. Wow! That looks so good!


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