Sadie Saturday–Playing Catch-up


Hi! Can you believe it’s been almost three months since I updated you on my adventures?  I can’t!  My memory’s not so good but here are the highlights:

I had my Adoptaversary which was very fun (except the whole party hat thing).

IMG_9471_edited-1I let my mom have my blog space to show you my pretty Halloween costume.  The little kids seemed to really like it – especially the girls!  I was excited too – it was so fun!  But, I had to go inside because my mom wasn’t strong enough to hold me and pass out candy at the same time.  I know she kept telling me to sit stay but I just wanted to give all the little kids kisses!  Mom is trying to work on that.  I don’t know why – everyone loves kisses!


There was a whole election thing that got my Mom and Dad all worked up.  Glad that’s over!

I seem to have lost my space the past few weeks for Mom’s whole ‘Thankful” thing.  I think that’s a nice idea but you have to admit she did kind of a half-assed job on that.  She forgot lots of days and didn’t even have a whole post dedicated to me! 

I still make sure to try and get my fair share of the ‘good’ food.  Can you believe I have to resort to begging for toast?  Sad, but true.


The past few weeks have been so nice because my mom hasn’t been traveling as much.  That means I get to stay home and help her work during the day (no doggie day care or lonely days waiting for my favorite pet sitter to take me for a walk!)  The cats hang out in the office too. I don’t really appreciate Ollie stealing my bed though.IMG_3083_edited-1

Last weekend, we had family stay with us!  I was a very good girl (we won’t mention jumping on my cousin and hitting her in the mouth – I was so excited to meet her! Mom was so embarrassed).  It was nice to get the extra attention.  I also worked very hard at helping in the kitchen. I could do without being told to “scooch!” all the time though.  It disturbs my naps.


I don’t know what’s in store for this weekend.  Unfortunately, I think there are a lot of walks in my future.  Most dogs like walks – not me – too much work! My neck problems make me stiff.  I overheard Mom saying I need to walk more because I was getting thick in the middle, whatever that means.


Have a great weekend, everyone!


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Living in the midwest, wife to a fantastic husband, mom/servant to two cats and a dog.

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  1. Are you on twitter? I think I might be following you on there- my memory isn’t so good either!! 🙂


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