My Latest Toy and a Great Customer Service Experience


I just had to tell you how excited I am about this.  For the past year I’ve been frustrated by the quality of my photos taken indoors.  The house we moved to last year is very dark (which is weird because there are so many windows).  Any food or animal picture I take is super dark.  I have to take the photos with wacky settings to eliminate blur which screws up the color and adds a ton of noise.  When I try to fix them in photoshop, it sometimes makes it worse.

So I headed down to Midwest Photo Exchange, and went in thinking I needed one of Canon’s entry level flashes.  I told them I knew nothing about using an external flash but needed something to help me and I didn’t want to spend a lot.  Turns out, I was right on the model but he suggested a used flash since for what I needed I didn’t need the options of the newer model.  He explained the differences to me and I know I’ve read about it but in truth I had no idea what he was talking about.  He saved me 40%!  yay!  I’ve gone to these guys for lenses multiple times and they are fantastic.  Always giving the straight scoop on quality and matching prices, if appropriate.  A few years ago, I wanted a lens to take on vacation. They only had the floor model (or a used one, I forget) in stock.  They let me buy my lens but take their model so I wasn’t without one.  When I got back, I just swapped it out for the one I technically bought.  AWESOME!  I have no connection with these guys, I just haven’t been in for a couple years and a positive shopping experience is so rare these days.

My husband was a little irritated I bought it before Christmas but I’m hoping to learn how to use it before then.  I tried it out this morning and I love it – what a difference!  Now I wish I could re-take a bunch of my food pictures.  Oh well.


About girlguydogcat

Living in the midwest, wife to a fantastic husband, mom/servant to two cats and a dog.

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  1. I love the staff at MPEX! I’m about to go see them again this week and YAY! Finally another local blogger 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping by! It is so fun to find other local folks (though I haven’t come across too many yet).


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