Oreo Balls


Here’s an easy one for you. I’m a big fan of cake balls made famous by Bakerella and have made them a couple times.  These are a different take on those but easier – no baking at all!

When I was talking with a friend I mentioned (complained) that I needed some easy, make-ahead appetizers and desserts for my Christmas party.  She sent me these and I bet they will be more popular than the desserts that took me tons of time!  Thanks, Lisa!

I had to laugh when I saw this recipe multiple times on Pinterest.  The bloggers called them Oreo Truffles.  Seems a little fancy for Oreos and cream cheese.

All you need is:

  • Package of Oreos
  • 8 oz of cream cheese (softened)
  • dipping chocolate or chocolate bark.  I used the kind in the produce aisle made for dipping fruit.  2 tubs.

Process the Oreos to a fine crumb


Mix in the cream cheese.  I found it easiest to use a pastry cutter but a spatula or fork would work.IMG_0619_edited-1

Shape into balls.  Refrigerate for 15 mins. This picture shows one batch.IMG_0620_edited-1

Dip into chocolate. *Update – I had a question about what sort of chocolate I used.  I used the ‘dolci frutta’ brand found in a little tub in the produce section of the supermarket.  I bet candy melts would work too.

Keep refrigerated.



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  2. These look amazing!! Ill have to try them!! 🙂


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