Dog Christmas Collars

IMG_0775_edited-1Scrunchies for dogs?  Do I miss the 90’s? Have I lost it?

Nope.  I’ve been feeling the itch to sew but couldn’t decide which blouse to make so I bought some Christmas fabric. My intention was to make something crafty.  I know how to sew now, right?  I need to use it to be one of those crafty Pinterest people, don’t I?  My first thought was making these ornaments.  I still think they’re adorable but my husband (the Christmas Tree dictator) would never put them up.

IMAG1327 (1)_edited-1

In the meantime (as I procrastinated) both of my sisters-in-law rescued dogs.  I also found the Christmas collar below I bought last year for Sadie.  It is really cute but just a tad too tight and too small to be seen under all her fur.  I figured out a way to replicate it for Sadie, Rylie and Fitzy. It took a couple of tries before I got just enough ruffle and big enough to see on Sadie.  Once I did, it only took about 20-30 minutes to do each one. That’s only because it takes a bit of time to turn it right side out.  I struggled with a way to close the circle and still not see the stitching once it’s right side out.  I’m sure there’s a way but I didn’t worry about it too much.  It was for a dog!

The inspiration collar:


I did buy felt to make flowers but decided against it in the end.

My first attempt was cute but it wasn’t wide enough or gathered enough.  Kinda blah.IMG_0794_edited-1red

Do you like the lovely sculpture it’s hanging on?  That “L is for loser” was my white elephant gift for our party last weekend.  Can you believe the lucky recipient secretly left it at our house (in our microwave!)?

Here’s how to make the collar:

Measure your dog’s neck.  Sadie’s is 21”. To make it really gathered, you want the strip at least 3 times the neck measurement (more if you can).  I was using quilting cotton so I used a full width and half (roughly 45” + 22”). For Riley (13”) pictured at the top I just used one length.


I wanted it wider than the green example above so I cut each strip 5” wide.  After making them, I think for dogs with short hair (like Riley above and Fitzy below) it might look better more narrow.  I made theirs wide and it sticks out a lot.

Sew the lengths together to get one long strip. Press the seam allowance open.  My selvage was visible so I used that as my seam guide.  All other seams were 1/4”.IMG_0502_edited-1

Fold down and press each end toward the wrong side.IMG_0508_edited-1

Fold in half lengthwise and pin right sides together.IMG_0509_edited-1

Sew entire length of edge.  I used 1/4” allowance.IMG_0510_edited-1

Turn right side out.IMG_0511_edited-1

Press so seam is in the center.IMG_0512_edited-1

Cut elastic the the neck length. This was for my nephew-dog. His neck is 17”.IMG_0513_edited-1

Attach one end of the elastic to one end of the tube with a safety pin.  With a safety pin attached to the other end of the elastic to make it easier to grab, feed it through the casing. When the elastic is all the way through overlap by about an inch or two and sew.  It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it just needs to be secure.IMG_0514_edited-1

Put one end of the tube in the other with some overlap. Sew close to the edge through both ends and the elastic.IMG_0515_edited-1


You’re done!  Now put it on your pup and see how festive he/she looks!

Here’s Fitzy (17” neck). What a sweetheart!fitzy_edited-1

Sadie was hard to get a picture of.  Her fur is so long you can’t even see it when looking straight on.IMG_0750_edited-1red




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