Egg in a Hole

IMG_0955_edited-1Once again, a recipe that can be filed this under “something most people already do but I must’ve been living under a rock”.  I just tried a recipe (if you can call it that) that I suspect a lot of people grew up on but I never made myself.  Two things actually. Not only did I make egg-in-a-hole but I also cooked my bacon in the oven.  Both will be regulars from now on.

I’m not a huge breakfast person.  I skip breakfast many mornings (I know, I know).  The only time I eat breakfast regularly is when I travel.  Weird.  In fact, I eat traditional breakfast foods more often for dinner than I do in the morning.

One of my favorite breakfasts is a perfectly cooked fried egg with toast.  For me, a perfect egg is firm on both sides but the yolk will run when pierced with your toast.  You do dunk your toast in your egg, don’t you?  There can be no undercooked whites – gag!

This egg in the hole is perfect – the egg flips easily because of the bread so no broken and overcooked yolk. Plus your toast is included in the deal!  I’d heard of it before and it is in a Pioneer Woman cookbook so I gave it a shot. 

Before I show you the egg-in-a-hole process, I have to share that I also tried cooking my bacon in the oven.  What a difference.  I put the bacon on a rack placed in a foil lined baking sheet. I had center cut bacon so it was a little thicker.  I baked it at 400 for about half an hour.  Most bacon probably wouldn’t take that long so check after 20 minutes.  It came out perfectly.

Back to the eggs –

Use a biscuit cutter or glass to cut a circle out of the center of a piece of bread.IMG_0943_edited-1

Heat butter in a skillet.  Place bread in skillet and let it cook for about a minute or two.IMG_0949_edited-1

Break open the egg (I did that in a separate bowl first in case of a broken shell) and pour in the hole. Salt and pepper.IMG_0952_edited-1

Let that cook for about a minute or so then flip the whole thing. Let that cook for another minute.IMG_0945_edited-1

Perfect.  And check out that bacon!


I’m late to this party  – you’ve all been doing this for years, haven’t you?


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  1. Grew up on eggs in a nest as we call it! We only cook bacon in the oven-it’s so crispy! Glad you joined the crowd!! 🙂

  2. when it comes to breakfasts, i really love some solid heavy meal with eggs and bacon in it.:

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