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Feline Friday–What is Wrong With This Cat?


This cat is so strange. Among his many odd quirks, Ollie loves to play with the hair off Sadie’s brush. So gross.


Whenever I brush Sadie, which we have to do often, Ollie comes over for some brushing of his own.  And then he tries to sniff and play with the fur. Yuck!


I think maybe he needs some new toys if he’s this desperate for something to do.


Sadie Saturday–I won’t Be Held Back

As if a pillow barrier will keep me away when you eat pizza on the sofa….

sadie barrier 2

Pillow down (and I got a pepperoni)!

Peanut Butter Heath Bit Cookies


My husband is working late tonight and texted me that he couldn’t wait to get home so he could eat more of these cookies. (Notice it wasn’t to see me – isn’t that nice?)

You know when you try something so simple you don’t really have high hopes for it and then you LOVE it?  That’s what happened with these cookies. Last night I had grand plans to make homemade Barefoot Contessa brownies (that look amazing) but when I pulled out the ingredients, I realized I didn’t have enough unsweetened chocolate.

IMG_1435_edited-1webSo I rifled through my pantry and found some Heath Bar bits.  This recipe was just on the back of the bag.  Because of that, I didn’t expect much.  I should have known these would be good –I use the Toll House recipe on the back of the bag for my chocolate chip cookies. It was such an easy cookie, and such a pleasant surprise, that I had to share. It makes me wonder what other simple recipes I’ve passed over when throwing away boxes and bags.

They also have the recipe online.  Here it is: Peanut Butter Heath Bit Cookies


I used the Milk Chocolate Toffee Bits (it had an orange stripe on the bag).  My cookies took about 10 minutes to bake (recipe calls for 8 minutes).  They were still pretty soft but set up nicely since I left them on the cookie sheet couple minutes after removing from the oven.

Give them a try.  They’re easy as can be and absolutely addictive.

Sadie Saturday–Cross-Eyed


I love peanut butter so much I go cross-eyed for it!

My Mom made peanut butter cookies before the holidays and would let me lick the spoon before putting it in the dishwashing machine. No need! I think I am a very good dishwasher.


Can you believe this was my last delicious taste of peanut butter?  It’s so sad.  My allergy doctor said I couldn’t have peanut butter (OR CHEESE!) anymore, even as little treats.  I keep having allergic reactions and they keep cutting back what I can eat.  Food and car rides are what I live for!  At least I still have the car…


Simplicity 1810 / Simplicity 0330


My first make of the new year!  I can count it even if it’s sleeveless and I cut it out last August, thinking I would wear it in the summer, right?

In my quest to clean up my sewing area I’ve been folding and folding to get fabric off the floor.  Part of the never ending task was trying to find a spot for works in progress.  I figured I could just sew up this one and still wear it as a layer in the winter.  And I’m glad I did!IMG_1401_edited-1

I bought the pattern this summer and the package has the number 0330 on the outside but the tissue pattern and the Simplicity website call it 1810.  Strange.


The fit is a little weird through the shoulders and chest –right at collarbone level.    I fell squarely in between sizes so I made the small since the finished garment measurements made the medium sound huge – particularly through the body of the blouse.  IMG_1404_edited-1

I have pulling and gaping at the neckline.  It’s hard to get a good picture. I can’t tell if it’s too small (it feels ok) or it’s the strangely small armsyce.  Speaking of that, do you think I could pick out the binding and cut them a little bigger and re-bind?  Fellow sewists – will that work?  Or is it just too small?

The facing is kind of stiff too.  That probably isn’t helping.  I thought the interfacing was light enough.  I think I’ll try bias binding the next time.

I cut this pattern before I came to terms with the fact that belted tops are not flattering on me.  I’m so high waisted they take on an oddly maternity-like look.  Bums me out because I’m drawn to them. Belts or ties creep up the longer I wear them until they are basically right under my boobs. Nice.IMG_1402_edited-1

The tie is attached in a nifty way inside the darts which add some needed back shaping.  I haven’t sewn many darts but I think the marking on the pattern was incomplete or I read it wrong. There were only marking circles on the ends and one side.  I had to measure to the other side and mark my own on the fabric.  IMG_1410_edited-1

I don’t know how often I’ll wear this in the summer with the sizing issues and the whole “I really shouldn’t wear belted tops” thing but I’m happy with it now – it works well under a sweater or with a blazer.IMG_1428_edited-1

It’s a Bird Party in Our Yard!

IMG_1240_edited-1I’ve never really given a thought to birds.  Sure, some are pretty but I thought they were, well, boring.  I assumed that folks that were bird watchers were an odd lot.  Have you seen The Big Year?IMG_1246_edited-1

Then my step-mother asked for a bird feeder for Christmas.  I decided to stop in a store called Wild Birds Unlimited.  I was amazed that a store that dealt with nothing but birds could even stay in business.  How wrong I was!  It was busy the whole time I was there.  I walked out of there not only with a bird feeder gift, I had a feeder, bird book and bag of food for myself! I’ve since gone back to buy a bigger feeder and suet cakes to bring the woodpeckers.IMG_1229_edited-1



Within a couple hours of hanging the feeder, we had birds.  We’ve seen Junkos, Chickadees, Cardinals (lots of those), House Finches, Blue Jays, and more.


What amazes me is just how many birds gather.  There have been times I look out and see at least ten on the trees next to the feeders.IMG_1130_edited-1IMG_1247_edited-1

I’m sure part of the reason the feeders have been so busy is the snow covering.  That snow is what makes it so pretty to look out and see little pops of red where the cardinals are staying close by.IMG_1260_edited-1


I love looking out the back window to see which birds are stopping by each day.


I look forward to seeing what birds we get this spring.IMG_1237_edited-1

Sadie Saturday–Pigtails?

IMG_1347_edited-1webDo you like my latest hair accessory?  My nice groomer, Sally, put them in after a day at the salon and surprised my mom.  I don’t know why but my mom just started giggling when she saw me!  She said I look silly.  I think I look cute!IMG_1343_edited-2I know they’re a little small for me.  This is another example of big girls not getting the same fashion opportunities as the little dogs.  No fair!  I had to have a custom coat, halloween costume, and even a Christmas collar.  There’s a lot of us big girls out there – and I’m even small for my breed!



IMG_1356_edited-1webMy Mom must’ve thought I looked adorable because she kept taking picture after picture.  She said the puffs made my ears look like pigtails.  Pig’s tails?  Gross!


IMG_5959_edited-2webThe very first time I got groomed after moving here, they put in little bows.  I wasn’t so sure about that so I stuck with bandanas from then on.


IMG_1336_edited-1webI think feathers a more fashionable option, don’t you?