Sadie Saturday–Pigtails?

IMG_1347_edited-1webDo you like my latest hair accessory?  My nice groomer, Sally, put them in after a day at the salon and surprised my mom.  I don’t know why but my mom just started giggling when she saw me!  She said I look silly.  I think I look cute!IMG_1343_edited-2I know they’re a little small for me.  This is another example of big girls not getting the same fashion opportunities as the little dogs.  No fair!  I had to have a custom coat, halloween costume, and even a Christmas collar.  There’s a lot of us big girls out there – and I’m even small for my breed!



IMG_1356_edited-1webMy Mom must’ve thought I looked adorable because she kept taking picture after picture.  She said the puffs made my ears look like pigtails.  Pig’s tails?  Gross!


IMG_5959_edited-2webThe very first time I got groomed after moving here, they put in little bows.  I wasn’t so sure about that so I stuck with bandanas from then on.


IMG_1336_edited-1webI think feathers a more fashionable option, don’t you?


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Living in the midwest, wife to a fantastic husband, mom/servant to two cats and a dog.

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  1. Sadie, you are precious with whatever you wear! At least they are pink!


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