Simplicity 1810 / Simplicity 0330


My first make of the new year!  I can count it even if it’s sleeveless and I cut it out last August, thinking I would wear it in the summer, right?

In my quest to clean up my sewing area I’ve been folding and folding to get fabric off the floor.  Part of the never ending task was trying to find a spot for works in progress.  I figured I could just sew up this one and still wear it as a layer in the winter.  And I’m glad I did!IMG_1401_edited-1

I bought the pattern this summer and the package has the number 0330 on the outside but the tissue pattern and the Simplicity website call it 1810.  Strange.


The fit is a little weird through the shoulders and chest –right at collarbone level.    I fell squarely in between sizes so I made the small since the finished garment measurements made the medium sound huge – particularly through the body of the blouse.  IMG_1404_edited-1

I have pulling and gaping at the neckline.  It’s hard to get a good picture. I can’t tell if it’s too small (it feels ok) or it’s the strangely small armsyce.  Speaking of that, do you think I could pick out the binding and cut them a little bigger and re-bind?  Fellow sewists – will that work?  Or is it just too small?

The facing is kind of stiff too.  That probably isn’t helping.  I thought the interfacing was light enough.  I think I’ll try bias binding the next time.

I cut this pattern before I came to terms with the fact that belted tops are not flattering on me.  I’m so high waisted they take on an oddly maternity-like look.  Bums me out because I’m drawn to them. Belts or ties creep up the longer I wear them until they are basically right under my boobs. Nice.IMG_1402_edited-1

The tie is attached in a nifty way inside the darts which add some needed back shaping.  I haven’t sewn many darts but I think the marking on the pattern was incomplete or I read it wrong. There were only marking circles on the ends and one side.  I had to measure to the other side and mark my own on the fabric.  IMG_1410_edited-1

I don’t know how often I’ll wear this in the summer with the sizing issues and the whole “I really shouldn’t wear belted tops” thing but I’m happy with it now – it works well under a sweater or with a blazer.IMG_1428_edited-1


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  1. You know I am probably the smartest person you know and should have a ton of sewing advice for you…….. Get the bra at victoria secrets that gives you 2 cup sizes and I bet the neckline would look perfect. No resewing. Its okay, ask me for advice anytime

  2. Cute! Love the dots. I made a top that had a too-small armsyce and was able to fix it by doing exactly what you’re thinking. It was a pain unpicking the binding, and I probably didn’t re-cut my armholes exactly the same on each side (I just eyeballed it) but it turned out fine and is now more comfortable to wear.

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