Peanut Butter Heath Bit Cookies


My husband is working late tonight and texted me that he couldn’t wait to get home so he could eat more of these cookies. (Notice it wasn’t to see me – isn’t that nice?)

You know when you try something so simple you don’t really have high hopes for it and then you LOVE it?  That’s what happened with these cookies. Last night I had grand plans to make homemade Barefoot Contessa brownies (that look amazing) but when I pulled out the ingredients, I realized I didn’t have enough unsweetened chocolate.

IMG_1435_edited-1webSo I rifled through my pantry and found some Heath Bar bits.  This recipe was just on the back of the bag.  Because of that, I didn’t expect much.  I should have known these would be good –I use the Toll House recipe on the back of the bag for my chocolate chip cookies. It was such an easy cookie, and such a pleasant surprise, that I had to share. It makes me wonder what other simple recipes I’ve passed over when throwing away boxes and bags.

They also have the recipe online.  Here it is: Peanut Butter Heath Bit Cookies


I used the Milk Chocolate Toffee Bits (it had an orange stripe on the bag).  My cookies took about 10 minutes to bake (recipe calls for 8 minutes).  They were still pretty soft but set up nicely since I left them on the cookie sheet couple minutes after removing from the oven.

Give them a try.  They’re easy as can be and absolutely addictive.


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