Feline Friday–What is Wrong With This Cat?


This cat is so strange. Among his many odd quirks, Ollie loves to play with the hair off Sadie’s brush. So gross.


Whenever I brush Sadie, which we have to do often, Ollie comes over for some brushing of his own.  And then he tries to sniff and play with the fur. Yuck!


I think maybe he needs some new toys if he’s this desperate for something to do.


About girlguydogcat

Living in the midwest, wife to a fantastic husband, mom/servant to two cats and a dog.

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  1. Maybe your cat was a hair dresser in a previous life! 🙂 Love the pictures–very handsome kitty!

  2. That’s sweet in an odd way. When I was little my Dad used to cut my hair in the back yard. My cat used to go crazy over the cut hair on the ground – I guess it’s the same sort of thing?

  3. There’s nothing strange 🙂 My cats love their furry toy made of rabbit’s fur. They play and fight over it whenever it is found again (yes, they tend to hide it). Love your top!


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