Burda 7866


This was my first time sewing a Burda pattern.  I wish I looked at them earlier. I always assumed you had to add the seam allowances but I was mistaken – that’s only the magazine patterns.  They have a lot of more modern styles so I’ll definitely make more.


Don’t mind the crappy mirror pictures.  I made this about 3 weeks ago right up until the hem.  I finished the hem today and since I doubt I’ll wear this much, I couldn’t be bothered to set up the tripod.


This is a super easy pattern that should go together quickly.  Even so, I totally flubbed the neck so it looks like crap – so much so that I probably won’t wear this blouse out and about too much.  It won’t lie flat and is all bumpy.  Totally homemade looking.  Also, I read a lot of reviews saying the neckline was really high and they were right.  I took an inch off the front and it’s still high.


Flowy arms! The pattern is interesting – there are no shoulder seams; it’s all one piece that you sew up the side.


I like this style in theory but I’m not sure (even if I sewed the neck properly) that it is flattering on me.  I think it would look better with someone that is larger in the bust than hips.  Proportionally, I’m the opposite. boo hoo.


I used a double needle for the arm and bottom hems.  I know they make a slight ridge on knits but this looks excessive.  Is there any way to correct that?

I’m not sure what’s up next.  I’d like to sew some colorful blouses that I can start wearing now and into spring.  Considering how long it takes me to finish a project, I need to plan ahead!


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  1. I think it looks really good, you know and I really like the pattern looking at it.

    StephC has run a sealong for her knit dress pattern and in the posts there is alot of info re sewing with knits. Maybe it could help with the neck line.

    But really, it doesn’t scream homemade to me at all.

  2. This shirt/blouse looks really nice! But I know how you feel – when I know that my blouse is handmade, I always think others will see immediately, too – but they don’t. I tried it successfully. So just go ahead!

  3. Cute! I think you should wear it, just throw on a necklace or scarf to hide imperfections on the neckline. Gotta love accessories!

    • Duh! I didn’t even think of that. And I just bought a new scarf! You may have just made this top a lot more useful. Sad that I was only looking at the negative… Thanks for stopping by!


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