What to Do?

One of the best things about sewing is the ability to make something unique.  The possible fabric and pattern combinations are endless.  The reality for me is that I have a hard time finding apparel fabrics I like.  I really should say apparel fabrics I like that are affordable.  My sewing is too inconsistent to venture into the really luxurious fabrics yet. 

I could spend HOURS looking at fabric but sometimes I have trouble visualizing how a pattern will look in a given fabric.  Considering the time investment I don’t want to sew something and never wear it because it looks weird.  I have enough fit issues to worry about without the fabric being a poor match!

I want to make a few transitional blouses.  Pieces I can wear with jeans but nicer than a knit.  Pieces that can be layered now and worn on their own later – probably one or two long or 3/4 length sleeve tops.  Fabric Mart had all their rayon challis on sale last week so I stocked up on some prints. I’ve also collected some good blouse pattern options for winter into spring.  The big question – do any fit well together?

I have the patterns with the version I’m considering circled below.  Most are long sleeved since it’s still winter.  All the fabrics pictured are rayon challis so have a lot of drape.  I put a white sheet of paper next to them so you can see the color better.

blouse collage edit

blouse collage 2 edit


So this is where you come in!  What you would put together?  I really like the bigger green and black swirly rose print but not sure if it would be ridiculous on one of these blouses.  Is it matronly?  Any fabrics you particularly like?  I’m leaning toward the Simplicity and Sewaholic patterns.  

Even if you don’t sew, I’d be curious of your opinion.  Hopefully you can give me some ideas I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.



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  1. Maybe the first fabric for the Simplicity one and I like the black/white/grey dots for the Alma blouse. I’d use the fabric that is black/white squares for which ever pattern has the fewest seams so there is less matching needed.

    I will also do the Alma blouse, but only in March (after the celebration marathon). We could sewalong together 🙂

  2. I love the black and white fabric at the bottom. The Sewaholic patterns look cute, but maybe that’s because no one is wearing them and skipping. Good luck!


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