Sadie Saturday–My Plot

sadie dustball_edited-1web

My mom is such a slacker.  She hasn’t posted anything for over a month.  She’s been reading a ton, sits in her office all day working on that computer and every once in awhile she puts a bunch of clothes in a box on wheels and goes away for a couple days. She says it’s for work to buy my kibble but I don’t like it at all.

But to the real issue at hand here.  I know I look a little ashamed above but I’m not!  I’m glad that my plot to destroy the vacuum is working! I was proud enough to come lie down next to my handiwork.

I’ve heard that some of my dog friends bark at the vacuum and try to attack it.  That’s way too much effort and mostly ineffective.  I act like I’m not afraid but I always move out of the way (though not far enough that I can’t keep my eye on it.) I don’t trust that loud machine.

See, I’m very hairy and while they have to sweep a lot, I purposely scratch and scratch on the rugs (my allergies are still bad) so all my fur falls there. You can see Ollie contributes his white fur to the effort as well.  He hates the vacuum more than me.  Every time Mom vacuums, she has to stop and untangle the beater brush.  I’m able to get so much hair wrapped around the roller it stops working.  Success!  The next step in my plan is to hide the scissors so the vacuum can’t be fixed and stays broken!

We don’t talk about the dustbuster.  That machine is evil.


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Living in the midwest, wife to a fantastic husband, mom/servant to two cats and a dog.

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  1. Damn your dog is cute!!!!!

  2. We rescued a 5 year old newfie girl, Gwen and the rescue group here in Canada recommends feeding all the rescues Acana Pacifica. They say a lot of the newfies have allergies and this food seems to fill them up as well as keep their skin healthy and coat beautiful. Our girl loves it! We put our duck tolling retriever on it too and it’s made a big difference with his skin and coat. Hope this will help Sadie with her itching, poor girlie…

    • Thanks for the suggestion- I’ll have to look into it! We have a heck of a time finding food – everything has something she’s allergic to! Poultry, soy, potatoes (sweet and white), corn, oats, and on and on….


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