Seek and Find, Bird Edition


Over the past two months I’ve been taking photos as I see more and more birds out our back window.  My husband and I laugh at each other about how excited we get when we spot a new bird. When did we become birders?  It has been interesting to see new types show up as it gets warmer.   Well, theoretically it’s supposed to be warmer but here in Ohio it’s still freezing and we’re even supposed to get 5 more inches of snow tonight!  With the cold weather and the snow, the birds flock to the feeders since they need so much food to stay alive.

I’ll do a future post identifying the various types we’ve seen but I wanted to share some photos from when we get huge gatherings at the feeders. That’s my favorite – when you look out and see 10-15 birds just hangin’ out. All-you-can- eat buffets draw a crowd in the bird world too!

The photos aren’t always the best quality since I’m taking them with a long lens and through my living room window (which only gets washed outside when it rains). Even so, it’s great to have a record of the little visitors.

Let’s see how many birds you can spot….

Answers at the bottom.

We’ll start out easy.IMG_1935_edited-1web

All kinds are welcome here.IMG_1510_edited-1web

A little harder.  Two pairs of cardinals on a double date at the buffet.IMG_2105_edited-1web

So colorful, aren’t they?IMG_1941_edited-1web

The male cardinals are easy.  Look beyond those.IMG_2122_edited-1web

12 and 2 squirrels!!IMG_2115_edited-1web

Can you find 22? The picture doesn’t do it justice – birds were everywhere!IMG_1927_edited-1web

Have a great week, everyone!

Bird counts: 7,8,4,6,6,12(and 2 squirrels),22


About girlguydogcat

Living in the midwest, wife to a fantastic husband, mom/servant to two cats and a dog.

6 responses »

  1. You have us beat!
    We’re happy with 2 cardinals and their mates…
    These are beautiful.

  2. Love the birds! We are in Louisville ky and there are tons of cardinals out and about. My husband loves bird watching, we have a resident woodpecker who we look for every year

  3. I love cardinals! We don’t get them in California! Do you get Orioles also? I have a cousin that puts out I think orange marmalade to attract them and they come in droves! They are also very colorful!


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