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Sadie Saturday– A Sneaky Week


I’m just sitting here remembering the awesomely sneaky week I had.  Somehow my parents got lazy about the counter, pantry and trash and I took advantage of that!  Here are all the things I ate just this week:

  • An entire loaf of wheat bread
  • An entire package of fig newtons (apple cinnamon – yum!)
  • 1/2 jar of peanut butter – even got the lid off!
  • and one that still has my parents stumped – the crotch out of three pairs of underwear!

Sadly, now there are more closed doors and a renewed vigilance by mom and dad.  Don’t worry, I’ll lull them into complacency in a couple weeks…


Simplicity 1693

IMG_2264_edited-2webDoesn’t it always feel like you never have anything to wear (while you stand in front of a closet of clothes)?  One big hole in my wardrobe is dressy-casual.   I’m on a mission to make some versatile blouses that I can dress up or down.  You would think I would make something other than a blouse since that seems to be all I sew.  I’m a little bit chicken to try a nice dress which is my next goal.  And, I wear jeans almost every day – making some blouses is practical (I tell myself).

(It was windy when I took the pictures!)


I was initially attracted to Simplicity 1693 for the version I made but I think the tank could be a nice option too. I debated taking the elastic out since I’m so high waisted (it rides up to sit on my natural waist) but I figure I can make another blouse in a different style if this bugs me.

I made the blouse exactly according to the directions and it went together fine.  I added four inches but but ended up chopping off two of those.  This blouse is pretty short – I’m 5’6” and short waisted and still needed an extra couple inches of length.

I’m still figuring out when in the construction process to serge the seams.  I forgot to do it on the back seam so had to pink those.  One question on sleeves – how do you finish those seams?  I used the serger but it was messy and could have easily turned into disaster with such an awkwardly shaped seam. Should I have serged the pieces before putting it together?  I had to gather at the cap so I wasn’t sure.


I had some new experiences with this project.  It was my first time working with rayon challis.  I really liked it but it will run if you’re not careful (I have one right in the front) and it frays like crazy. I wasn’t crazy about the print when it arrived in the mail- that’s why I used it for my first try.  It has grown on me since then.

IMG_2238_edited-1webIt was my first time adding elastic to a sleeve.  The pattern calls for making a casing with bias binding.  I won’t do that again.  It took a lot of time when it could have been done quickly by making a casing out of the sleeve itself.


IMG_2241_edited-1webIMG_2267_edited-1I made my first thread loop. I used this tutorial from Pattern Scissors Cloth. I should have made it smaller but I think this is one of those skills that gets better with practice.  Mine’s really messy (so is the binding at the ends too). While the keyhole is a pretty detail, next time I make the blouse, I probably will save some time and just sew the entire back seam top to bottom. Or maybe cut the pattern piece on the fold?


IMG_2232_edited-1webThe casing for the elastic waist was very easy using premade bias binding.

Overall I like the top.  I’m not sure I would make it again since it might not be super flattering. I would recommend the pattern, though.

Obligatory photobomb


Have a great week!

Sadie Saturday–I Feel Great!

photo (37)_edited-1web

I guess it’s true that “you are what you eat” because I must have been eating some yucky stuff.  I have lots and lots of allergies.  It’s no fair because it’s all the good stuff: chicken, potatoes, corn, and all kinds of other delicious things.  Mom has been depriving me of all those yummies for so long you would have thought the problem would go away.  She even had me on this expensive prescription food.  It stopped the ear infections but I still scratched and scratched and licked my paws until I made myself yelp.  I would bite into my back to scratch it which would then make my neck all sore. I never wanted to go for walks or move too much.

I guess Mom was worried I wasn’t getting better so when it came time for a new bag of food, she called the doctor to see if there was a different option.  We got new prescription food and within a few days I stopped scratching.  I don’t lick my paws anymore which means I don’t stink (I never noticed that in the first place but Mom and Dad always had to comment on it). 


I feel like a new dog!  I’m so energetic , I actually like going outside and even walk fast or run sometimes (let’s not get too crazy– I am still a Newfie with neck issues so my bursts of energy are pretty short)!

photo (35)_edited-1web

The only problem is the food.  Mom says it looks like Corn Pops, whatever those are.  I just know it doesn’t fill me up so I constantly have to remind them I’m STILL hungry.  Granted, I would eat anytime, anywhere, but it’s true this time!  I’ve had to step up the whining to levels never reached before. I will not relent.  Every afternoon I stay right by her side with a constant whine so she won’t forget me.   I’m getting a little more food every day but maybe I can trick them into lots more!  Wish me luck!

photo (36)_edited-1web

Feline friday–Livin’ on the Edge


All cats have their quirks. That’s part of their charm.  One of Kirby’s quirks is that, no matter where he’s sitting, he has to be on the very edge.  He’s been like that since a little kitty 15 years ago. 


Look at those cute wittle paws!



kirby ollie_edited-1


sadie kirby_edited-1web




kirby sinks

Every morning, Kirby makes sure to get in the way hang out on both my husband’s and my sink.