Simplicity 1693

IMG_2264_edited-2webDoesn’t it always feel like you never have anything to wear (while you stand in front of a closet of clothes)?  One big hole in my wardrobe is dressy-casual.   I’m on a mission to make some versatile blouses that I can dress up or down.  You would think I would make something other than a blouse since that seems to be all I sew.  I’m a little bit chicken to try a nice dress which is my next goal.  And, I wear jeans almost every day – making some blouses is practical (I tell myself).

(It was windy when I took the pictures!)


I was initially attracted to Simplicity 1693 for the version I made but I think the tank could be a nice option too. I debated taking the elastic out since I’m so high waisted (it rides up to sit on my natural waist) but I figure I can make another blouse in a different style if this bugs me.

I made the blouse exactly according to the directions and it went together fine.  I added four inches but but ended up chopping off two of those.  This blouse is pretty short – I’m 5’6” and short waisted and still needed an extra couple inches of length.

I’m still figuring out when in the construction process to serge the seams.  I forgot to do it on the back seam so had to pink those.  One question on sleeves – how do you finish those seams?  I used the serger but it was messy and could have easily turned into disaster with such an awkwardly shaped seam. Should I have serged the pieces before putting it together?  I had to gather at the cap so I wasn’t sure.


I had some new experiences with this project.  It was my first time working with rayon challis.  I really liked it but it will run if you’re not careful (I have one right in the front) and it frays like crazy. I wasn’t crazy about the print when it arrived in the mail- that’s why I used it for my first try.  It has grown on me since then.

IMG_2238_edited-1webIt was my first time adding elastic to a sleeve.  The pattern calls for making a casing with bias binding.  I won’t do that again.  It took a lot of time when it could have been done quickly by making a casing out of the sleeve itself.


IMG_2241_edited-1webIMG_2267_edited-1I made my first thread loop. I used this tutorial from Pattern Scissors Cloth. I should have made it smaller but I think this is one of those skills that gets better with practice.  Mine’s really messy (so is the binding at the ends too). While the keyhole is a pretty detail, next time I make the blouse, I probably will save some time and just sew the entire back seam top to bottom. Or maybe cut the pattern piece on the fold?


IMG_2232_edited-1webThe casing for the elastic waist was very easy using premade bias binding.

Overall I like the top.  I’m not sure I would make it again since it might not be super flattering. I would recommend the pattern, though.

Obligatory photobomb


Have a great week!


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  1. You are posting too quick. I hadn’t even gotten around to saying how much I loved your bird pictures and how my daughter adores your cat.

    Anyway, I agree with your comments about the keyhole. These sort of details are nice, but make it that much more fiddly. A back seam is nice if you have to adjust the fit, but if it fits then I would cut it out on the fold and be done with it.

    I do really like the print. Not that I know much about fashion, but I think if you would move the elastic to your natural waist it would be very flattering. It looks wonderful as it is though 🙂

    • Thanks! I was thinking about the elastic placement. I definitely want it to blouse over on the top portion but sit a little lower. Maybe if the elastic was longer, it wouldn’t try to settle upward. Who knows – on to the next project!


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