Double Layer Ice Cream Pie

IMG_2451_edited-1webEveryone likes ice cream, right?  How about two flavors and hot fudge? Yum!

We celebrated Mother’s Day a week late on my side of the family.  We had everyone over to our house and I made lasagna (btw, don’t use Barilla oven ready pasta – blech. I’ve used Mueller no-boil pasta many times before which turns out great) and dessert.  My brother was nice enough to bring the sides.

I made two ice cream pies for dessert.  The 9” pie shell looked just a smidge too small for eight people.  And, it’s not like extra ice cream pie would go to waste in our house.

Each pie has two flavors of ice cream with a layer of hot fudge in between. I made one with vanilla and English toffee caramel and one with chocolate and black raspberry dark chocolate chip.

They turned out great and couldn’t be easier to make.  Forgive the photos.  I was either simultaneously making lasagna and fruit salad or had hungry people waiting for their pie!


  • Pre-made chocolate cookie crust pie shell
  • 2 pints of ice cream – any two flavors you think will work well together
  • Jar of hot fudge sauce- a 12 oz. jar is more than enough.  I used one jar for two pies.
  • Tub of Cool Whip – I always use the light version and notice no difference. One tub covered two pies.

Set out your first flavor on the counter for about 5 minutes.  I put it in a bowl and stirred it a bit so it was soft but not melted. 


IMG_2432_edited-1webPour into pie shell and spread into the first layer.  My pie shell was pretty shallow so I only used just over three quarters of the the pint.


IMG_2434_edited-1webFreeze for about a half hour or until solid. I’m not sure exactly how long it was in the freezer since I was doing other things in the kitchen.


IMG_2437_edited-1webLayer half the jar of hot fudge on the ice cream. 


IMG_2436_edited-1webDon’t let the ice cream get soft – this is what happens when you try to spread the fudge on even slightly soft ice cream.  Still tastes fine and no one will know so no big deal…  Place in freezer for half hour.


IMG_2438_edited-1webSpread second flavor of slightly softened ice cream on fudge layer.  Freeze.


IMG_2444_edited-1webTop with layer of Cool Whip.


IMG_2445_edited-1webAdd sprinkles if you want! Place in freezer until ready to serve.






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  1. WOW! Oh my gosh. Yes please. If only we had cool-whip in Australia, whatever that is!

  2. I might just go out now to buy ice cream, you know 🙂

  3. If I’m using cool whip in the first place, I splurge and always use extra creamy…per serving, I think there’s only 10 calories between the “light” and “extra creamy”, I think it’s like 25 calories for light, 30 for regular and 35 for extra creamy. I’m one of those annoying label readers that analyze them all. Granted, a serving is a tablespoon or 2, but if I’m making something with cool whip, it is usually not a health food anyway!

  4. These were both delicious!!! Such an appropriate dessert for a warm night and to celebrate Mother’s Day! Thanks, Janette!


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