McCall’s 6702

IMG_2535_edited-1webOtherwise known as my new mullet blouse.  When all the high-low hemlines came out last year I thought they were ridiculous.  I still think some of the dresses I see are kind of silly looking.  Maybe this top is too!  But you know how you see styles more often and they grow on you? I decided to try it because I don’t have any blouses to wear with skinny jeans this summer.  I basically live in white jeans in summer so I had to get sewing.

McCall’s 6702

M6702I probably should have posed with my bike after falling off  due to riding in stilettos.

IMG_2517_edited-1webMy husband’s comment when I showed him the blouse pressed on a hanger: “It’s nice, pirate sleeves and all.”  Thanks.


This pattern has some issues.  Seriously, McCall’s, what is up with your sizing?  I’m getting so sick of the sizing confusion with big 4 patterns.  I couldn’t care less about the number I need to sew but at least if you recommend a size, make it fit with a normal amount of ease.  As a beginner, this is so frustrating and makes me hesitant to try new projects.  This top has a small-medium-large size range.  Easy, right?  Well, my bust and waist measurements put me in a medium, my hips in a large.  The fact the description says it’s suitable for maternity gave me pause. I made a small based on the finished garment measurements.  Fits totally fine. WTF? The medium may have helped the front lie flatter and fit better through the shoulders and upper back but it would’ve been even wider. IF there’s a next time, I may try a medium through the shoulders but take in the sides a bit.


IMG_2549_edited-1webThe interfacing in the placket is too stiff – that may be the issue, not sizing. Hard to tell.

The pattern is labeled ‘Easy’.  Is that because it’s not fitted and has relatively few pieces?  When something is “Easy” I think a beginner should be able to pick it up with a basic amount of knowledge and put it together easily.  The design is simple.  But for an Easy pattern to call for the arm bands, the placket and the yoke facing all to be hand sewn (slip-stitched), it’s a little ridiculous.  I totally disregarded those instructions and top stitched or edge stitched. The diagrams are predictably unclear (nothing new for big 4 patterns).

The placket made me crazy. To be fair, I don’t know where the problem lies –with me because I read the directions 50 times and I still don’t know if I did it correctly (likely) or the pattern for the method of attaching the placket and teeny, crappy illustrations.  Part of the issue was I was picturing a placket in the traditional sense – one that looks like it’s on top or folded over the front and edge stitched.  I checked all the shirts in my closet and didn’t find anything similar to what this pattern called for.   It looks fine I guess.  I just wish there was a decent diagram in the instructions.IMG_2544_edited-1web

Yes, I’m pointing at you with my remote.  Another windy day!

The fabric is cotton voile and with the pouf of the sleeves, I’m glad it wasn’t too stiff. Mine is very thin and requires a camisole.  The V-neck is so low, you need one anyway.  It would be a fun top if you had fabric in a pretty print to showcase.

The worst thing though?  When snipping a thread, I cut a hole right in the front!  I didn’t know the proper way to fix it so I improvised by covering it with a satin stitch.  The collar covered part but it’s still really obvious.  Sad.  Too bad I don’t have shoulder length hair anymore.

I’m not sure about my feelings on this top. I like it in principle – good to wear with skinny jeans, boxy but still current. The sleeves are just silly.


The front length doesn’t hit at a great place but that’s my issue, not the pattern. Given the time involved for the simple result, I doubt I’ll make it again. On the other hand, now that I understand the darn placket (I think), I could complete it quickly. Can you tell I haven’t decided if I like it yet?

Next up will be some super-simple, comfy summer dresses.

Have a great weekend!



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  1. I love the brown color on you. This design looks comfortable without being baggy.

  2. I find the sizing funny as well. I try to actually only look at the finished sizes so I can decide myself how much ease I might need, but because I am still new at this I feel like I am getting it wrong frequently. Most of my sewing doesn’t seem to make it past the muslin stage. You look very nice in these pictures though 🙂

    • Thank you! I know – I often wonder when I’ll get to the stage of being happy enough with my garments to wear the regularly. I did wear this top out to dinner last night so that’s progress!

  3. Finished measurements are absolutely the way to go – the ease in the Big 4 patterns are looney tunes.

    I don’t know if you ever put reviews on Pattern Review, but if you do, you should help another beginner out and reveal the secret of the placket!

    • You know, I should put a review up. I don’t know that I figured it out but at least a warning to others to not expect a a normal one might help. Thanks for reading!

  4. I actually kind of like those sleeves! I sew from vintage patterns for the most part, but when I use a new or current one, I am always amazed at how poorly diagrammed and explained they are compared to the old ones.

    • The sleeves are so odd looking hanging on the hanger but when I’m wearing the blouse, I like them too! The descriptions and diagrams continue to surprise me with their lack of help!I know space is a concern, but come on they can do a little more! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I didn’t realize you had a yellow bike. Sorry you fell off it, but you look great as you were getting up!

    Nice job! That looks really comfortable, but not dumpy looking.

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  8. I think that the top turned out super cute! thanks for sharing your experience! Im trying it out tomorrow…I will keep your comments in mind!

    -dani e

  9. Hi, I found your blog because I’m attempting this pattern and got stuck on the neckline/placket. I see you mastered it – it looks great! Can you help a gal out with some tips? It’s the neckline from hell! lol

    • I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble – the directions are awful. To be honest, I have no idea if I did it right! If I remember correctly, there was a little triangle flap at the base that you had to tuck in and just topstitch over it. Such a weird way to do it. The inside of my placket looks crappy – I couldn’t figure out how to do a clean finish. I think I have a mental block with plackets, I tried another pattern and had to scrap it because of the placket. Good luck! Sorry I couldn’t be more help!


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