Kwik Sew 3610


I think this might be the easiest thing I’ve sewn.  And possibly the quickest too!  I made the entire thing yesterday from tracing the pattern to sewing.  I hemmed it this morning and all together it only took a few hours. I wanted something easy because I’m procrastinating.  I have a Sewaholic Cambie half done and can’t motivate to re-do the zipper and sew and insert the lining.  I needed some almost instant gratification and this fit the bill!

I enlisted my husband to take the pictures for the first time. Our neighbors drove by and saw him taking pictures of me posing on the porch. If they didn’t think we were strange before they sure do now!  At least with my self timer and tripod I hide on our back deck!


The good and the bad of Kwik Sew 3610.


  • Easy!  Great instructions.
  • Fast.
  • Somewhat adjustable by pulling the straps.
  • No fitting required.
  • Uses very little fabric.
  • Sizing is relatively normal.  I used the sizes recommended by the chart and it worked great.  I used a small through the bust and waist blended to a medium through the hips.
  • Cool, comfy and camouflages my tummy. Winking smile


  • Shapeless.  The pattern pieces are basically rectangles through the body so it’s not the most flattering style.  It really needs some shape through the waist. It probably would look better with a curved hemline too.  I’ll keep looking for a halter or tank pattern that’s loose and flowy but still flattering.
  • The dreaded strapless bra!  Seriously, has there ever been a strapless bra invented that is both comfortable and stays up for longer than a few hours?
  • You need to be careful with the fabric you choose.  It needs to be light and flowy or it will make you look like a square (or, more than it already does).  Plus, it needs to be opaque because there’s no way to wear a camisole.
  • A little Becky Home-ecky?  Looks a bit too much like the pillow case dress patterns you see for girls.  This does have a bit more shape at the neckline and proper facings but still…  The pattern gives you directions on how to eliminate the bow on the straps which might help.


All in all, given how quickly it went together, I like it.  I think it might be a good way to use some of the rayon challis I bought in prints so crazy I can’t picture them as full blouses. It’s also nice to have a cool top to wear with shorts that isn’t a knit tank.

And since someone else was taking the pictures, we got Sadie in on the action (sort of).



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Living in the midwest, wife to a fantastic husband, mom/servant to two cats and a dog.

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  1. I think it looks great, the fabric was perhaps my favourite out of your rayon stash 🙂 I haven’t sewn with rayon challis yet, but I really want to use up what I have already got, before getting some more.

    If you prefer it to be defined you could do it like you did with the Simplicity 1693 and insert some loose elastic that draws it in underneath your bust or on your waist, depending on what you prefer. although it might need to be lengthened a little then

    • Thanks! This was actually a silky polyester that I bought a ton of on sale thinking I would make a dress. What was I thinking? I obviously don’t think straight in the fabric store! It frays like crazy but hopefully the overlocking will keep it in place.

  2. I love the bow at the neck – and polka dots always look good!! (I agree about the strapless bra issue, however…)

    • Thank you! I am always attracted to polka dots. But I don’t know what I was thinking – I bought 3 yards thinking I’d make a dress. Now that’s a LOT of polka dots! Good thing it was cheap! I wouldn’t mind multiple blouses though.


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