Sewing roundup – 2013

I’ve really been enjoying the roundups of fellow bloggers over the past few weeks.  Every December it amazes me just how many garments they make!  It’s incredible.  Sometimes I can go months without sewing anything.  All the same, I’m happy about the progress I made this year.  Here’s the wrap up:

recap1 recap2

The Good:

  • The garments I made this year actually get worn – I was more realistic about fabrics and styles.
  • When I looked back at the year, I completed 12 projects, averaging 1 a month. That surprised me! I definitely go in spurts.  Nothing gets done in the late summer and fall due to lots of work travel.
  • I’m learning more about what fitting adjustments I normally need and how to do them.
  • I was a pattern tester for Christine Haynes’ Emery Dress.  That was fun! It also got me to try a silhouette that I normally wouldn’t. I didn’t post it here because I made it in remnant fabric and had fitting issues.  That wasn’t the pattern’s fault – her pattern and instructions are great – I was between sizes and needed bodice adjustments.  As a tester, you make one straight size to ensure the drafting is correct.
  • I found some patterns I already know I’ll make multiples of next year.
  • I embraced the muslin.  We all have fitting issues and while making muslins cuts down on the number of completed garments, it helped to make ensure those that are completed are worn.

The Bad:

  • The flip side of ‘embracing the muslin’ is that I spent a TON of time on fitting issues this year with fewer garments to show for it.  Without a finished product, it can feel like I did nothing.
    • There was a summer dress I wanted to make before vacation .  I made 2 or 3 bodice muslins before realizing I wouldn’t get the project done before leaving.  I never picked it back up upon returning.
    • I did at least 3 or 4 bodice muslins to work out my fitting issues on a “real” (non test) version of the Emery dress which took a lot of time.  The dress is done except for inserting the lining, zipper and hem.  It has been on my dress form for at least 3 months waiting to be completed.  I just have no reason to wear a dress like that in winter so it sits.  Boo, me.
  • The knit tops I made early in the year were duds.  That’s unfortunate since I wear knits in some form almost every day.
  • I bought too much fabric with grand plans for it.  Must sew from my stash in 2014!
  • Last January I made a goal to try to carve out some sewing time each week.  I didn’t even come close to that.

My favorite project(s) – This is a tie between the Saltspring Dress and my new pillows. Since one is home decor, I think I can have a tie.  I love the Saltspring dress and wish I would’ve made it earlier in the summer.  I’ll definitely make several next year.  It’s a perfect comfy and cool sundress.  I loved my Cambie dress too – I just don’t have occasion to wear it often.

IMG_3578_edited-1web             IMG_3865_edited-1web                       IMG_2841_edited-1web

My least favorite garmentsSimplicity 1810 and Simplicity 2181 (the two polka dot tops below).   Both have fit issues and neither is flattering.  In fact, I’m not crazy about my first 4 garments of the year.  I like the floral blouse below, I’m just not in love with the fabric.  I purposely used a fabric I didn’t love for my first try at the pattern in case it bombed.  I should make a new version.


Next year:

  • I want to improve my fitting skills so that when I do make something, I wear it.
  • Sew more knits.
  • I’d also like to make more of an effort to sew regularly, even if it’s a few minutes here and there.  I’m more likely to finish something if I break it up in bite size pieces.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!


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  1. You should try one design to sell. Maybe using your favorites for inspiration? That is how the lulu guy got started…at his own sewing machine. You would need a catchy name.

  2. I enjoyed your concise and interesting 2013 round-up! I, too, should sew (exclusively) from my stash in 2014, but I’m not optimistic that will happen. In fact, I know it will not… Let me know if you figure out any tricks in this regard!!

  3. I still think that the black burda top looks really nice, even though you’ve put it on your ‘misses’ pile. Good luck in 2014 and I look forward to see what you create this year 🙂


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