About Janette

Hi and welcome!  I live in the midwest with a fantastic husband, a dog and two cats.  I started this blog to document the things I learn, find funny (or odd or noteworthy or, really, whatever I feel like).  I also want to take time to appreciate the little things that make life special and fun.  I’m not here to tell anyone how to live, how to cook, and certainly not how to do anything crafty.  I work full time so I’ll be squeezing in my projects in my spare time.   Hopefully it will be a fun spot to visit.


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  1. Dearest Janette,
    I have just finished reading your charming and delightfully informative articles on your “blog” – am I referring correctly to this endeavor? I’m such a dork about all things internet! How truly clever you are. Thanks for giving me a glimpse into your life at home – sewing, cooking ( I look forward to trying your recipes soon), and your dear kitty cats and new Sadie. They are so fortunate to live with you and Matt!
    Please include me in your mailing list!
    Love to your and Matt,
    Aunt Peggy

  2. You, Matt, Ms. Sadie and the kitties ROCK! GO BUCKEYES!

  3. would it be ok to use the pic of the black newfie dog in the tutu on my website? I could link to your website.


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