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Feline friday–Livin’ on the Edge


All cats have their quirks. That’s part of their charm.  One of Kirby’s quirks is that, no matter where he’s sitting, he has to be on the very edge.  He’s been like that since a little kitty 15 years ago. 


Look at those cute wittle paws!



kirby ollie_edited-1


sadie kirby_edited-1web




kirby sinks

Every morning, Kirby makes sure to get in the way hang out on both my husband’s and my sink.




Feline Friday–What is Wrong With This Cat?


This cat is so strange. Among his many odd quirks, Ollie loves to play with the hair off Sadie’s brush. So gross.


Whenever I brush Sadie, which we have to do often, Ollie comes over for some brushing of his own.  And then he tries to sniff and play with the fur. Yuck!


I think maybe he needs some new toys if he’s this desperate for something to do.

Feline Friday


Poor Ollie.  He’s always scheming to find a way to escape.  As if it wasn’t bad enough that we won’t let him outside, we just put up a bird feeder.  Every once in awhile you can find him staring anxiously out the back window.


Strangely, the birds don’t bother him.  But the bird feeder has attracted squirrels which make him crazy.  Here he’s doing that odd staccato, goat-sounding meow cats do when they see something outside.IMG_0822_edited-1

Sorry, buddy, you’ll never get them…

Feline Friday


No, we never have pet hair in our food.  Why do you ask?


Thankful – Day 11


I’m thankful for my animals’ funny little quirks.


Ollie loooooves snuggling next to my head.  It’s very sweet.  Well, until I wake up in the middle of the night to a face full of fur because he’s decided to sleep on my pillow.


Thankful–day 5

IMG_9693_edited-1I’m thankful for weekend mornings.  I absolutely love my Saturdays and Sundays when I don’t have anything pressing and can lounge on the sofa drinking coffee, reading blogs and on Sundays, watch one of TV’s best shows, CBS’ Sunday Morning. This unscheduled time is probably the most relaxing part of my week.  I know I’m fortunate to have the  flexible lifestyle that allows these few hours to myself.  It feels like a luxury. And if I’m really lucky, I’ll have a cat on my lap and a dog snoozing by my side.

Happy Halloween!

Since we aren’t dressing up this year, Sadie has to get in the spirit for all of us (poor dog).


Did you spot Ollie photobombing and plotting his escape?