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Sadie’s on the Naughty List


Alternate title: My mother-in-law is a saint.

My mother-in-law was nice enough to watch Sadie for a weekend in November and a week in December while we went on much needed vacations.

We thought we had her house locked down.  There were baby gates blocking the cats’ area and the basement.  The pantry cabinet was clamped shut with a bungee cord and Sadie still got into trouble both visits. Between the two visits she ate:

  • Can of Pringles (from the pantry tied up with a bungee cord – I don’t understand how – it was still tied up when she got home)
  • Loaf of bread and sandwich thins (see pantry above)
  • Handmade turtles (the candy) in tins ready to deliver to the neighbors
  • Box of cherry cordials wrapped and under the tree for a gift
  • Sprinkles for decorating cookies with the grandkids
  • Bags and bowls of cat food (broke down the baby gate to get in there!)
  • Cleaned out the litter box (broke down the baby gate multiple times!)
  • Scattered her make up bottles and lipstick all over the upstairs hallway
  • Dug in the kitchen trash every time she was left in the house.  Fortunately, no food was in there.  Sadly, that lesson was learned on a previous visit.

We were mortified!  The worst part?  My mother-in-law slept on the sofa multiple nights since Sadie had to go out so often with an upset tummy.  She was so glad to see us take Sadie so she could get a normal night’s sleep!

But other than that she was an angel…


Looks like we’ll have to learn how to crate train a 5 yr old dog who hates being confined so much she bends the crate door to get out.  Wish us luck!


Sadie Saturday–I Feel Great!

photo (37)_edited-1web

I guess it’s true that “you are what you eat” because I must have been eating some yucky stuff.  I have lots and lots of allergies.  It’s no fair because it’s all the good stuff: chicken, potatoes, corn, and all kinds of other delicious things.  Mom has been depriving me of all those yummies for so long you would have thought the problem would go away.  She even had me on this expensive prescription food.  It stopped the ear infections but I still scratched and scratched and licked my paws until I made myself yelp.  I would bite into my back to scratch it which would then make my neck all sore. I never wanted to go for walks or move too much.

I guess Mom was worried I wasn’t getting better so when it came time for a new bag of food, she called the doctor to see if there was a different option.  We got new prescription food and within a few days I stopped scratching.  I don’t lick my paws anymore which means I don’t stink (I never noticed that in the first place but Mom and Dad always had to comment on it). 


I feel like a new dog!  I’m so energetic , I actually like going outside and even walk fast or run sometimes (let’s not get too crazy– I am still a Newfie with neck issues so my bursts of energy are pretty short)!

photo (35)_edited-1web

The only problem is the food.  Mom says it looks like Corn Pops, whatever those are.  I just know it doesn’t fill me up so I constantly have to remind them I’m STILL hungry.  Granted, I would eat anytime, anywhere, but it’s true this time!  I’ve had to step up the whining to levels never reached before. I will not relent.  Every afternoon I stay right by her side with a constant whine so she won’t forget me.   I’m getting a little more food every day but maybe I can trick them into lots more!  Wish me luck!

photo (36)_edited-1web

Sadie Saturday–I won’t Be Held Back

As if a pillow barrier will keep me away when you eat pizza on the sofa….

sadie barrier 2

Pillow down (and I got a pepperoni)!

Sadie Saturday–Pigtails?

IMG_1347_edited-1webDo you like my latest hair accessory?  My nice groomer, Sally, put them in after a day at the salon and surprised my mom.  I don’t know why but my mom just started giggling when she saw me!  She said I look silly.  I think I look cute!IMG_1343_edited-2I know they’re a little small for me.  This is another example of big girls not getting the same fashion opportunities as the little dogs.  No fair!  I had to have a custom coat, halloween costume, and even a Christmas collar.  There’s a lot of us big girls out there – and I’m even small for my breed!



IMG_1356_edited-1webMy Mom must’ve thought I looked adorable because she kept taking picture after picture.  She said the puffs made my ears look like pigtails.  Pig’s tails?  Gross!


IMG_5959_edited-2webThe very first time I got groomed after moving here, they put in little bows.  I wasn’t so sure about that so I stuck with bandanas from then on.


IMG_1336_edited-1webI think feathers a more fashionable option, don’t you?

Dog Christmas Collars

IMG_0775_edited-1Scrunchies for dogs?  Do I miss the 90’s? Have I lost it?

Nope.  I’ve been feeling the itch to sew but couldn’t decide which blouse to make so I bought some Christmas fabric. My intention was to make something crafty.  I know how to sew now, right?  I need to use it to be one of those crafty Pinterest people, don’t I?  My first thought was making these ornaments.  I still think they’re adorable but my husband (the Christmas Tree dictator) would never put them up.

IMAG1327 (1)_edited-1

In the meantime (as I procrastinated) both of my sisters-in-law rescued dogs.  I also found the Christmas collar below I bought last year for Sadie.  It is really cute but just a tad too tight and too small to be seen under all her fur.  I figured out a way to replicate it for Sadie, Rylie and Fitzy. It took a couple of tries before I got just enough ruffle and big enough to see on Sadie.  Once I did, it only took about 20-30 minutes to do each one. That’s only because it takes a bit of time to turn it right side out.  I struggled with a way to close the circle and still not see the stitching once it’s right side out.  I’m sure there’s a way but I didn’t worry about it too much.  It was for a dog!

The inspiration collar:


I did buy felt to make flowers but decided against it in the end.

My first attempt was cute but it wasn’t wide enough or gathered enough.  Kinda blah.IMG_0794_edited-1red

Do you like the lovely sculpture it’s hanging on?  That “L is for loser” was my white elephant gift for our party last weekend.  Can you believe the lucky recipient secretly left it at our house (in our microwave!)?

Here’s how to make the collar:

Measure your dog’s neck.  Sadie’s is 21”. To make it really gathered, you want the strip at least 3 times the neck measurement (more if you can).  I was using quilting cotton so I used a full width and half (roughly 45” + 22”). For Riley (13”) pictured at the top I just used one length.


I wanted it wider than the green example above so I cut each strip 5” wide.  After making them, I think for dogs with short hair (like Riley above and Fitzy below) it might look better more narrow.  I made theirs wide and it sticks out a lot.

Sew the lengths together to get one long strip. Press the seam allowance open.  My selvage was visible so I used that as my seam guide.  All other seams were 1/4”.IMG_0502_edited-1

Fold down and press each end toward the wrong side.IMG_0508_edited-1

Fold in half lengthwise and pin right sides together.IMG_0509_edited-1

Sew entire length of edge.  I used 1/4” allowance.IMG_0510_edited-1

Turn right side out.IMG_0511_edited-1

Press so seam is in the center.IMG_0512_edited-1

Cut elastic the the neck length. This was for my nephew-dog. His neck is 17”.IMG_0513_edited-1

Attach one end of the elastic to one end of the tube with a safety pin.  With a safety pin attached to the other end of the elastic to make it easier to grab, feed it through the casing. When the elastic is all the way through overlap by about an inch or two and sew.  It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it just needs to be secure.IMG_0514_edited-1

Put one end of the tube in the other with some overlap. Sew close to the edge through both ends and the elastic.IMG_0515_edited-1


You’re done!  Now put it on your pup and see how festive he/she looks!

Here’s Fitzy (17” neck). What a sweetheart!fitzy_edited-1

Sadie was hard to get a picture of.  Her fur is so long you can’t even see it when looking straight on.IMG_0750_edited-1red



Sadie Saturday–Playing Catch-up


Hi! Can you believe it’s been almost three months since I updated you on my adventures?  I can’t!  My memory’s not so good but here are the highlights:

I had my Adoptaversary which was very fun (except the whole party hat thing).

IMG_9471_edited-1I let my mom have my blog space to show you my pretty Halloween costume.  The little kids seemed to really like it – especially the girls!  I was excited too – it was so fun!  But, I had to go inside because my mom wasn’t strong enough to hold me and pass out candy at the same time.  I know she kept telling me to sit stay but I just wanted to give all the little kids kisses!  Mom is trying to work on that.  I don’t know why – everyone loves kisses!


There was a whole election thing that got my Mom and Dad all worked up.  Glad that’s over!

I seem to have lost my space the past few weeks for Mom’s whole ‘Thankful” thing.  I think that’s a nice idea but you have to admit she did kind of a half-assed job on that.  She forgot lots of days and didn’t even have a whole post dedicated to me! 

I still make sure to try and get my fair share of the ‘good’ food.  Can you believe I have to resort to begging for toast?  Sad, but true.


The past few weeks have been so nice because my mom hasn’t been traveling as much.  That means I get to stay home and help her work during the day (no doggie day care or lonely days waiting for my favorite pet sitter to take me for a walk!)  The cats hang out in the office too. I don’t really appreciate Ollie stealing my bed though.IMG_3083_edited-1

Last weekend, we had family stay with us!  I was a very good girl (we won’t mention jumping on my cousin and hitting her in the mouth – I was so excited to meet her! Mom was so embarrassed).  It was nice to get the extra attention.  I also worked very hard at helping in the kitchen. I could do without being told to “scooch!” all the time though.  It disturbs my naps.


I don’t know what’s in store for this weekend.  Unfortunately, I think there are a lot of walks in my future.  Most dogs like walks – not me – too much work! My neck problems make me stiff.  I overheard Mom saying I need to walk more because I was getting thick in the middle, whatever that means.


Have a great weekend, everyone!